Friday, May 03, 2024

Space Between Paintings by Anne Marchand at Zenith Gallery Opens May 10, 2024


Space Between 
Paintings by Anne Marchand

Zenith Gallery

Show dates: May 10 – June 15, 2024

Opening Receptions to Meet the Artist: 
May 10th, 4-8 pm & Sat May 11th, 2-6 pm
Artist talk: June 1, 2:00-4:00 PM

Image: Deep Space, 36" x 48"

Zenith Gallery, Washington DC, 20012

“Space Between” delves into the complexities of the human condition, exploring the unseen realms that shape our existence. This exhibition utilizes the power of art to illuminate the spaces between myth and reality, consciousness and subconscious, and intuition and logic.

The artworks presented here act as portals, inviting viewers to navigate the intangible spaces that define our experiences. By confronting these spaces, we gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us. Themes of isolation, connection, and the search for meaning will resonate throughout the exhibition, prompting introspection and dialogue.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of human mythology, the works explore the universal themes that connect us across cultures and time. By investigating the space between the literal and metaphorical, the artist challenges our perceptions and invite us to consider the deeper forces at play in our lives.

Ultimately, “Space Between” seeks to celebrate the power of intuition and the human capacity for self-discovery. Through engagement with these artworks, viewers are empowered to explore the gaps and silences within themselves, fostering a sense of connection and shared humanity. 

Friday, March 01, 2024

Torpedo Factory Art Center is accepting applications for Resident Artists due by APRIL 16, 2024



Application due by APRIL 16, 2024, BY 5:00 PM

Torpedo Factory Art Center is accepting applications for Resident Artists — individuals or groups of up to four — who will earn three-year studio leases and Artists Pro Tem — individuals who will earn the ability to sublease and participate in the Art Center programming.

Torpedo Factory Art Center will now be accepting applications for Resident Artists — individuals or groups of up to four — who will earn three-year studio leases and Artists Pro Tem — individuals who will earn the ability to sublease and participate in the Art Center programming.


Applicants accepted as Resident Artists shall receive a three (3)-year studio lease with publicly subsidized rent. The partially blind three-phase process allows a team of four expert, independent jurors to review work for quality and merit. The juror panel will also consider artists’ ability to successfully interact with the general public and positively contribute to the overall Art Center community.


Applications will be accepted for individual artists who want a studio, or to become an Artist Pro Tem, or groups of up to four (4) artists that wish to share a studio. Each application is scored as a single applicant, be it an individual application or a group application. The application is in three (3) phases.


Earning a studio at the Art Center is a competitive process. Industry standards for artist communities around the world call for re-jurying an average of every 3–5 years to maintain competition, quality, and evolving art-world standards.  READ MORE HERE

 For questions, email

The application fee is $45 per new applicant (or applicant group). If the application fee is a barrier, email for a free link to an application.


Monday, February 26, 2024

The Byrne Gallery Announces "HAPPINESS OF COLOR" Exhibition: A Vibrant Celebration of Spring's Renewal

As winter fades and spring's vibrant energy blossoms, The Byrne Gallery is delighted to announce HAPPINESS OF COLOR, a captivating exhibition opening on March 1 and running through March 31, 2024. This immersive showcase features the works of five exceptional artistsRichard Binder, Anne Marchand, Carolyn Marshall Wright, Joe LaMattina, and Sharon Pierce McCullough.

A Symphony of Color and Emotion:

Anne Marchand, "Persephone,"  60" x 48"

HAPPINESS OF COLOR is a journey into the expressive power of color. Through their captivating abstract paintings and sculptures, each artist explores the unique ability of color to evoke emotions, transform moods, and inspire hope. Freed from the constraints of form, these vibrant works pulsate with energy, inviting viewers to engage in a deeply personal and uplifting experience.

Beyond the Gallery Walls:

The exhibition transcends the gallery space, highlighting the profound impact of color in shaping our most intimate environments – our homes. Recognizing the power of color to uplift and inspire joy, the exhibition encourages viewers to "Choose happiness, choose color!" by surrounding themselves with hues that resonate with their individuality.

Experience the Joy of Color: Exhibition Details:

  • Dates: March 1st – March 31st, 2024

  • Opening Reception: Saturday, March 16th, 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM

  • Location: The Byrne Gallery, 7 West Washington Street, Middleburg, Virginia

  • Admission: Free and open to the public

    Gallery hours: Monday & Tuesday by appointment only, Wednesday-Saturday 11 AM - 5 PM, Sunday Noon - 5 PM. Contact The Byrne Gallery for more information: (540) 687-6986 or byrnegallery @

    Join us at The Byrne Gallery and immerse yourself in HAPPINESS OF COLOR.

    Discover the transformative power of color and celebrate the vibrant spirit of spring! The opening reception on Saturday, March 16th, from 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM, provides a perfect opportunity to meet the artists, engage in conversations about their work, and celebrate the spirit of spring.

Thursday, November 16, 2023

David Fenton’s exhibition of photographs SHOTS: An American Photographer’s Journal, 1967-1972

David Fenton’s SHOTS Exhibition Invitation!

Govinda Gallery announces David Fenton’s exhibition of photographs SHOTS: An American Photographer’s Journal, 1967-1972, opening December 1st in Havana, Cuba at the Center for Contemporary Art Wifredo Lam.
Norman Mailer wrote about Fenton’s photographs that “These pictures are extraordinary. They capture the last couple of years of the 60s more closely than anything I know.”
Fenton’s photographs are featured in the book SHOTS (Earth Aware Editions), edited and compiled by Fenton archivist, Lely Constantinople, and Govinda Gallery Director, Chris Murray.
All are welcome at the exhibition. 

Contemporary Art Center Wilfredo Lam, La Habana, Cuba.                                       December 1, 2023 - February 3, 2024

Organized in association with Govinda Gallery, Washington, DC                       

Tuesday, November 14, 2023

Green Chalk Contemporary and Temple Studios Present Holiday Pop Up Exhibition

Save the date for our Holiday Pop Up Exhibition on Dec. 1 at Temple Studios, Sand City, California.  
Pop on into the studio to see over 20 artists work where you can purchase special gifts for the holidays. 
Our Holiday Pop Up Exhibition coincides with @nightmarket831 where you can get a bite to eat, enjoy some entertainment and see the art at
Temple Studios, 542 Ortiz #5, Sand City, CA. 
The exhibition runs from December 1 - 31, 2023. 
Visit on Saturdays 10am - 4pm or by appointment and bring your friends for a delightful visit!
This exhibition is brought to you by 
Green Chalk Contemporary and Temple Studios.

Anne Marchand, Luminous Mist, 12 x 12 inch, bijou painting on wood panel

Anne Marchand, Boundary, 13 x 12 inch, bijou painting on wood panel

@greenchalkc @annemarchandart




Thursday, November 09, 2023

McLean Project for the Arts to Host November 18 Art Insights Panel Discussion and Alumni Art Exhibition


Collectors’ panel and gallery tour part of MPA’s inaugural
MPA Inspires: A Weekend of Collecting and Connecting event

McLean, VA: McLean Project for the Arts (MPA) will host an Art Insights Panel Discussion and Alumni Art Exhibition Showcase on Saturday, November 18, 2023 from 2-5pm. Part of MPA’s inaugural MPA Inspires: A Weekend of Collecting and Connecting celebration, the event will take place at MPA Downtown, the organization’s hoped-for new supplemental space located at 6910 Fleetwood Road in McLean, VA. The Alumni Art Exhibition Showcase will feature work by more than 60 MPA alumni artists.

“The 61 outstanding artists featured in the MPA Inspires Weekend have donated their works in support of the development of a new MPA Art and Education Center,” explained Helen Frederick, member of the MPA Board of Directors and member of the MPA Art and Education Curatorial Host Committee. “These dynamic artists are making this generous donation because they appreciate what MPA has done for them, and they want to support MPA as it plans to expand and offer more opportunities for the art community.”

Presented by The Mather, the Art Insights event will begin with a panel discussion featuring collectors Michael Abrams and Sandra Stewart, art advocate Nancy Hirshbein, and Eric Key, Arts Program Director at the University of Maryland University College.

A ”Meet the Artists” session and gallery tour will follow the panel discussion. Guests will enjoy a unique opportunity to connect with the alumni artists about their work, providing a firsthand glimpse into the inspiration that fuels their artistic expressions. The event will conclude with a reception.

The Art Insights Panel Discussion and Alumni Art Exhibition is part of MPA’s inaugural MPA Inspires: A Weekend of Collecting and Connecting event. In addition to Saturday’s discussion and showcase, the weekend will feature an Art + Soul | Jazz Brunch on Sunday, November 19 from 11:30am until 2:30pm.

The Art + Soul portion of the weekend will also include a highly anticipated Collectors’ Drawing featuring 60 artworks generously contributed by generations of alumni artists who comprise MPA’s artistic legacy.

All artists featured in MPA Inspires: A Weekend of Collecting and Connecting have donated their works in support of the development of a new MPA Art and Education Center. A preview of donated artwork is available on the MPA website.

Featured artists include: Carol Barsha, Julia Bloom, Nikki Brugnoli, Renee Butler, David Carlson, Mei Mei Chang, Hsin-Hsi Chen, Joe Cortina, Patrick Craig, Sheila Crider, Joel D'Orazio, Elgon Daley, Richard Dana, Joan Danziger, Delna Dastur, Alonzo Davis, Catherine Day, Elsabe Johnson Dixon, Susan Eder, Nicole Fall, Annie Farrar, Cianne Fragione, Helen Frederick, Susan J. Goldman, Janis Goodman, Pat Goslee, Freya Grand, Francie Hester, Ellen Hill, Michael Janis, Barbara Januszkiewicz, Maria Karametou, Bridget Sue Lambert, Kyujin Lee, June Linowitz, Isabel Manalo, Matthew Mann, Anne Marchand, Madalyn Marcus, Michele Montalbano, Nahid Navab, Sam Noto, Betsy Packard, Susan Due Pearcy, Maryanne Pollock, Beverly Rest, Marc Robarge, Robin Rose, Wendy M. Ross, Deirdre Saunder, Gretchen Schermerhorn, Elzbieta Sikorska, Hillary Steel, Betsy Stewart, Eve Stockton, Nils Henrik Sundqvist, Patricia Underwood, Josh Whipkey, Joseph White, and Yuriko Yamaguchi.

There is no cost to attend Saturday’s Art Insights event, but reservations are required.  

Art + Soul Jazz Brunch tickets are available for $150 a person, and tickets for the Collectors’ Drawing are an additional $600. Ticket sales are limited to the first 60 collectors. 

Sponsorship opportunities are also available. Visit for more information.


About MPA
MPA Exhibits, Educates and Inspires
McLean Project for the Arts (MPA) is one of the mid-Atlantic region’s most respected contemporary visual arts organizations. MPA provides high-quality art exhibitions showcasing the work of established and emerging artists, educational programs, art classes, MPAartfest, summer art camps, and ArtReach, an award-winning program serving students in grades K-12, seniors, and individuals with special needs. For more information, visit

Thursday, October 12, 2023

TOWARDS ABSTRACTION: Anne Marchand & Lesley Anne Spowart


Anne Marchand, “Sounding" 60 x 60, acrylic, latex, ink on canvas

October 20th to November 25th, 2023

RECEPTION: OCTOBER 20, 5:00-7:00pm


Please join us during a reception for the artists at the Carl Cherry Center in Carmel, California on Friday, October 20 from 5:00-7:00 pm. Meet us in the Cherry Gallery on the northwest corner of 4th Avenue and Guadalupe Street. The exhibition is curated by award-winning essayist and director, Robert Reese featuring artists Anne Marchand and Lesley Anne Spowart. It'll be a perfect California evening to bring friends to Carmel to see the art. The exhibit is free and open to the public and will be on view through November 25, 2023. 


Carl Cherry Center for the Arts

at 4th Ave. and Guadalupe Street, Carmel, CA

Open Wednesday - Saturday, 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm 

(831) 624-7491 Contact: info@


Anne Marchand is represented by Green Chalk Contemporary, Monterey, CA  

and at Zenith Gallery in Washington, DC.




Anne Marchand - Artist Fellowship 2024