Sunday, January 29, 2006

A New Moon in Aquarius, Time to Change

Today is a New Moon in Aquarius
6:15am PST
9° 32'

Check out ALUNA, the world's first tidal-powered Moon Clock. ALUNA is a marvel of sculptural beauty and spiritual inventiveness created by Aquarian British artist Laura Williams. "Laura's vision is brilliance at it's best: a desire to cosmically reconnect us through imparting direct experience of the lunar cycles of time." Listen to Wisconsin Public Radio interview


  1. Dear Anne,

    This link is so cool! We need a crescent city moon version of this moon clock in New tell us when our F.E.M.A. checks are going to be placed in the mail!


  2. That would be cool James and it would also create an illuminated environment that could send out S.O.S. signals to Washington when "government" gets busy with "other things." Maybe the timepiece could be in the shape of the US so we can recognize New Orleans as American soil, not America soiled!