Wednesday, March 29, 2006

One Fun Loving Girl - Building Blocks

Today's front page in the Dupont Current Newspaper carries a picture of me with my latest mural and the feature article by Jessica Gould on page 7. You can pick up a copy in coffee shops around Dupont Circle. Dupont Current Newspapers.Thank you Jessica Gould and Davis Kennedy for helping the arts flourish in our neighborhoods.

I've been up to my eyeballs in projects this month. I'm nearing completion of my winter mural project, "Building Blocks, High Up Close to Heaven" for the Takoma Community Center in Washington, DC. I'm wrapping the ten panels tonight for David to pick up in the morning. And away we go for installation. The mural is commissioned by DC Creates Public Art, a program of the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities in partnership with the Dept. of Parks and Recreation. This will bring full circle my vision for the lobby of the community center; ten panels depicting youth, teens and seniors of diverse cultures interacting in leisure and fun in a DC neighborhood whose name has been said to mean, High Up and Close to Heaven.

And oh boy, what not so timid colors dominate the cityscape favorite red predominates with supporting yellows, oranges and blues in a bright orchestra of color and FUN. I'll take that word and translate it into my own requirement for living a truly fulfilled life. Excuse me if I bow out for some leisure next month, I mean the month of May after my exhibition opens at the Zenith Gallery on May 5 with, surprise, abstract paintings. More on that later.

While I've been undercover, I managed a sneak peek at the Dada Exhibition but not yet heard the automated instruments that supposedly play an irritating yet captivating symphony of sounds at the National Gallery of Art. I was taken by surprise at the Dadaist images provoked by World War One and how relevant they are to today's war theme. I've got to get back to see it in more detail.

Hmm, I've been feeling a little punchy from the varnish fumes. Excuse me while I go back to the studio. I have some more work to do. This Friday, Zenith Gallery opens a new exhibition, The Wheel of Time by Renee duRocher & Mary Ann Prack. Reception 6-9pm. Maybe I'll catch you there!

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