Tuesday, February 03, 2009

A.C.T. Interview: Anne Marchand

Recently, I was speaking with Artist Career Training Director, Aletta de Wal about my experiences with marketing and the business of art. Aletta interviewed me as a Featured Artist in the A. C. T. Community, who combines talent with good business skills. You can read and hear the interview at Artist Career Training Website and the Artmatters newsletter (sign up for free). Here are a few excerpts from the interview and more at

Established artist Anne Marchand navigates her full time career with elegance, grace and resilience. A native of New Orleans, Anne credits her "optimistic attitude with a sense of gratitude and wonder has been key to helping go through the inevitable droughts of being a creative person. Taking the time to research and implement new strategies for staying on track helps maintain a strong foundation in my business."

50 words of wisdom
“Find balance in your life between making art and art business. Be open to unexpected opportunities and wear two hats well, the boss and the worker. Go at a pace that feels right. This is not a race. It is life. Make it fun and imagine it joyful and blossoming.”
Anne Marchand, Spinning Night
Artist Website: www.annemarchand.com

Read the full interview here: http://www.artistcareertraining.com/featured-artists/
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