Saturday, June 18, 2016

Indiegogo Funding for DC mural book

Perry Frank began documenting DC’s murals in 1996 with the goals of making the magnificent public art more accessible and meaningful, and of preserving the city’s mural story for future generations. Over the years we have lead tours, produced public programs, and organized exhibitions. We have pursued our vision with small grant funding and the sweat equity of associates, advisors, and interns. Most recently we received a grant from HumanitiesDC to organize a public program on the early history of murals in DC (c. 1970-85) to accompany publication of an article on the same subject.

DC Murals is now taking the next step—we are planning to publish a coffee table book that will capture the vital mural scene in the nation’s Capital. The book will draw on our extensive archive of images and interviews to showcase and interpret murals from 1970 to the present, representing all eight wards and many city neighborhoods. It will include profiles of the artists and a list of donors.  

Washington is the only major mural city in the country that does not have a mural book—some have several. Beautiful reproductions and interpretive text will electrify residents who are surrounded by the art, and amaze visitors who know Washington only as the “Federal city.” To support development, design, and publication of the book, we are launching a Crowd Source funding campaign through Indiegogo. We’ve attached a link to a video explaining our project. I hope that you will take a look and donate now, so that we can have the book ready to go by the end of the year.


Perry Frank is Founding Director of DC Murals: Spectacle and Story

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