Sunday, August 28, 2016

Rare Find- Artist Studios For Rent in Bethesda, MD

For artists looking for studio spaces near DC, There are a few smaller artist studio spaces left at the Westwood Center  II off River Road.

Send inquires directly to Joumana Moukarim, moukarim2000[at]yahoo[dot]com
See information on attached Flyer. 

Small studios that are available to rent. 
"It's interior space with large windows at the front that look into the shopping center. Relatively high ceilings- 9 feet I believe- and good lighting. There is heating and cooling. Utilities included. Space is set up for wifi, cable etc. It used to be a photography studio. There are several smaller rooms with doors left- 71 SF, 43 SF, 66 SF, and a larger room 116 SF as well as 84 SF storage space that can be shared. Artists can sublet one or several of the smaller rooms."-JM

Correction: The studios are located in Bethesda, MD near Washington, DC.


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