Wednesday, March 07, 2018

Artists Studio Spaces in the Greater DMV region

Reprint from earlier post. Please post DMV studio updates in comment section for inclusion.

Washington, DC,  July 20, 2010. Update

DC doesn't have big warehouses like NY and Baltimore and artists have studios in all kinds of spaces, from home studios to art organizations. An artist recently emailed me about where to find available artist space in the greater Washington DC area. I've started a list of organizations and groups who have artist studios to rent or to share. I've decided to post this for my readers as an expandable resource. You'll need to check with each location about guidelines for their studio spaces.

Let me know of other artist studio spaces you'd like to add to the list, please leave the information and corrections in the comments below and will review for inclusion. I will expand the list as time goes on. Here's the beginning and I hope it helps some of you find a great place to work.

Some Artist Studio Spaces in the Greater DC Area:

52 O Street NW

Arlington Art Center

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  1. Root Studio - 5,700 sq st shared community studio in Columbia for writing, painting, audio music mix, edit, MIDI programming, Adobe CC digital media, photography, textiles, etc.