Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Artist Kadija Saleh On Pakistan's Earthquake and Aid For Victims

I am totally shocked and upset with the earthquake in the north of Pakistan. For me, this is very personal. It is so sad to see so many children lost in one community, and even now the death toll is rising, it is now 54,000 officially dead. It is sad to see people who had so little lose it all, and now spend freezing mountainous nights in the cold and starving. Secondly, even the rescue efforts can't help, the food and tents, and blankets are all stuck on the other side of the mountain, since there has been a landslide and the aid can't get to the people. Due to the bad weather, altitude, and fog, even an aid helicopter has crashed. I don't know how these people will get the help!

Focus is doing a great job in helping, and is based out of AKDN here in Toronto. Their website is: http://www.akdn.org

If you or any of your friends or clients want to donate, the best way is to mail a check to Focus Canada and mail it to Toronto. This way every $ will be matched by the Canadian Govt.

Focus Humanitarian Assistance, Canada
Suite 786
789 Don Mills Road
Don Mills, Ontario
M3C 1T5 Canada
Tel: +1 416 423 5833
Fax: +1 416 423 4216

They were the first to arrive at the crises scene by helicopter, and were also covered on CNN. Of course, the disaster is sad and unable to blame anyone since its a natural disaster. May God ease the difficulties of the afflicted and be merciful in this hour of need.

I may also try to arrange for an art fundraiser here, and donate my works. All the best.


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