Thursday, October 27, 2005

Wayne Trapp, Abstract Paintings & Monumental Sculpture at Zenith Gallery

I'm heading over to Zenith Gallery to see the latest work by North Carolina Artist, Wayne Trapp. I've seen Wayne's accomplished abstract paintings and I am impressed with his color explorations.

I've not seen much of his sculpture, so I'm looking forward to seeing the whole gamut of this artist's work. Join me today from 1-4m at Zenith Gallery.

Wayne Trapp
Abstract Paintings & Monumental Sculpture
October 21 - November 27, 2005

Wayne Trapp the sculptor has worked in stone and steel for years, creating lavish outdoor pieces for corporate clients and smaller more intimate pieces for private clientele. His hands and his shoulders are sore, sensitive, and scarred from sculpting, but he can no more give it up than he can give up breathing. If a fine piece of stone presents itself, if a flash of metal catches his eye or a woman turns her head just so, if the moon is right, well... the dance begins.

The painter emerged full-blown from the stone carver. He took what he could not say in bronze and marble and let it loose with oil and ink on canvas and paper. His oils deliver a feast of color, strokes saturated with childlike curiosity and adult confidence. Not for the meek, nor the abstinent, his work aims at the alive and well, begging appetite, thirst, and desire. With unbridled energy and an insatiable passion for everything that crosses his path, Trapp forever seeks interchange, new ground, and a good time.

In talking to Wayne Trapp today, I got a sense of a gentle soul with boundless energy and passion for his work. He showed me his Japanese Tree House sculpture in polished steel and it is indeed exquisite in craftsmanship and artistic vision. Wayne spoke about his need to keep searching for the unknown. We artists keep growing by embracing what is not knowable. From his writings, "Without the calm, there could be no art in my life. Without the hype, there could be no madness. It is vital to have both. Art is madness--a game we create to feign meaning or reason. It is the ultimate insanity. To know, and to know that you know. It makes one laugh all the time at all things--becoming serious only if we need them to be serious things. A crisis is only such if we need it to happen. Joy and happiness should be the natural way, but just the opposite happens. There seems to be no reason or purpose to life without a struggle. I have never understood this, and now I understand it less."

An avid colorist with warm hues, Wayne is exploring new color palettes. His recent paintings contain energetic strokes, shapes and the introduction of semi-neutral backgrounds on which his fire colors dance.

I am proud to be hanging with this talented soul and I can't wait to see more from this prolific artist.

Anne Marchand with her painting, Raga: Rising, from the "Ellipsis" Series.

Wayne Trapp is one of the premiere contemporary sculptors working today. He specializes in large outdoor metal sculptures that can be seen at museums, hospitals, parks, university campuses and corporations nationwide.

Contact: Anne Surak, Manager
Zenith Gallery

Hours: Tuesday-Friday, 11-6pm . Saturday, 12-7pm . Sunday, 12-5pm . By Appointment

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