Sunday, April 05, 2009

American Visionary Art Museum Gala

Scene & Heard By Sloane Brown / Special to the Sun

"The scene inside the American Visionary Art Museum was indeed visionary.....

"I couldn't help but think how much Donovan would've really liked this party. Because it's just like the '60s and the early '70s when everybody was really celebrating," Chris Murray said, Donovan's art agent and director of the D.C. Govinda Gallery."

American Visionary Art Museum

800 Key Highway
Baltimore, MD

Govinda Gallery
1227 34th Street NW
Washington DC 20007

Gallery Hours: Tuesday - Saturday 11AM - 6PM

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  1. Rebecca Hoffberger always does the museum justice. She is a wonder and brings great credibility to the world of Visionary, Self-taught, Artbrut, and Outsider art. Even the gift shop is amazing!