Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creative Process Four Artists' Expressions Through Uniquely Different Mediums

(from top left) Patrick Hughes, Eve Stockton, Sondra N. Arkin and Natasha Karpinskaia

Creative Process Four Artists' Expressions Through Uniquely Different Mediums 
June 23 - July 24
Long View Gallery 

Patrick Hughes, Eve Stockton, Sondra Arkin and Natasha Karpinskaia each approach their respective artistic spaces in ways not normally featured at Long View Gallery. From wood block printing to encaustics, monotypes and reverspectives, these artists are pushing the boundaries of their respective processes.

Patrick Hughes’ reverspective pieces shockingly spring to life on the wall. The works approach perspective in a unique manner, elevating these static paintings to what seem like moving pictures. Hughes succeeds in creating the illusion of movement in his hallways, canyons and walls through a unique method of painting the forward most sections of his three dimensional constructions as the shadows, and the furthest back sections as the light, hence reverspectives. His sleight of the hand is astounding, allowing the walls in his work to swivel and slide depending on the viewer’s position.

Eve Stockton’s multi-layered wood block prints represent a unique approach to a traditional process. Her studies in science and love of nature combine to create a contemporary and unexpected result. The scale of these works is mesmerizing, a true testament to her mastery of this art form.

Sondra Arkin explores encaustics, meticulously creating works with a sense of restraint in color but excess in scale. The application and subsequent burning away of shellac creates a extraordinary amber surface full of organic forms. Through a very labor intense process, Arkin succeeds in creating unique encaustic panels, outside of the traditional ideas of this medium.

Natasha Karpinskaia’s command of color elevates her abstract monotype prints above the safe and expected. Anticipated norms are often challenged with vibrant hues of pinks, greens and blues while maintaining a sense of balance and beauty.

 Long View Gallery

1234 Ninth St NW,
Washington, DC 20001

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