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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Call for Artists

The Crystal City Business Improvement District (BID) is recycling the “Eco-Art” concept with today’s Call for Artists. The fully recycled theme brings back the popular and award-winning “Eco-Art” exhibition featuring environmentally inspired designs to the Crystal City Water Park.

“The 2009 Eco-Art Exhibit was arguably the BID’s most awe-inspiring art project yet,” said Angela Fox, President/CEO of the Crystal City BID. “Playfully recycling the Green Theme appropriately celebrates the program’s fifth iteration while demonstrating the BID’s commitment to the environment.”

The previous rendition of Eco-Art by Sergio Martinez won the 2009 Design Arlington Award for Excellence. Martinez used sustainably- and locally- grown and harvested bamboo to mimic and reflect the dynamic characteristics of water through varying lengths, orientations, and heights. The pieces represented water in varying states of the liquid form including through the natural energy of waves, the geometry of a drop of water, or the rippling effect of water moving past an old wooden post of a pier.

Today’s Call for Artists kicks off the search for qualified artists to conceive and implement a new interpretation of the Eco-Art theme. The exhibit is scheduled to open on April 2, 2012. Interested artists should visit to learn more and download the formal application which is due by January 13, 2012.

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