Monday, May 14, 2012

Artist Nat Jones at Suburban

May 1-May 31

Open Tuesday-Saturday 10-7pm

Artist Nat Jones is 14 years old and autistic. He has no verbal language and yet he paints elegant, sophisticated and colorful abstract works on paper. Nat has been painting for eight years and uses watercolors, pastels, crayons, markers, colored pencils and even his own saliva to mix the colors.  They are meditative and transforming for both the artist and the viewer.  Owner Alison Cavallaro remembers the first time she visited Nat's home..."This kid has complete freedom to express himself artistically with no boundaries or constraints." His parents, Tom and Liz encourage his artistic freedom and welcome the pleasure the process brings to Nat. He can work on a piece for a long time and then return to it hours or days later. He is often covered in paint and pastels when working and receives a lot of sensory input from selecting colors, feeling the brush as it moves to make strokes and the tactile input he gets from applying crayon, pastel or paint to paper.

The palette Nat uses is elegant and the compositions are beautiful.  There is a strong use  of line and a delicacy in the application and layering.  Alison Cavallaro has given Nat a prior show at Suburban and says "Because of his autism, Nat's world does not include the language of words..but he has stories to tell and he tells them beautifully through his art".

The show continues through the end of the month.

Contact: Alison Cavallaro
Sub-urban Trading Co.
10301 Kensington Parkway
Kensington, Md 20895

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