Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Name Game

How do you like that! Someone is running around the city using my name and writing articles for the Washington Post Metro Section. I had heard her (my) name mentioned on numerous occasions. I even had to use my full name at the Dentist office in Virginia so our dental records wouldn't collide. She got to keep her name. I did get one of her appointments by mistake which was fine for me. Anyhow, just so you don't mistake me for the other Ann Marchand, she doesn't use an "e" and I do. She writes and I paint. Perhaps we could combine our skills into one easy style and make life simpler for both of us. I've been wanting a clone and maybe this is as close as it gets. Well, the upside is we are both creative souls, artists in different medias. Perhaps, I will come face to face with my "other" one day soon.
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