Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Swearing-In of President Obama

as seen from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial......Jumbotron.

We millions walked to the Lincoln Memorial and down the National Mall to stand with a million other people to hear the swearing in of the President of the United States. We saw the event from the jumbotron set up at the memorial and on TV when we got home. Being among the people and experiencing the joyful crowds will be something to remember for a lifetime. Yo Yo Ma performed John Williams "Air and Simple Gifts," a brilliant arrangement which was performed beautifully. Folks arrived at 4am to stand for hours in the cold to be part of this historic day. We arrived at the Lincoln Memorial around 10:30am and stayed for three hours before walking to Dupont Circle, stopping for a hot chocolate and watching the presidential parade on TV. The outside temperature dropped 10 degrees in the three hours we were out. If you couldn't get anywhere close to the events, I hope you had the opportunity to watch some of the days festivities on TV. It all matters!

Today we were witness to a great moment in history. A picture is worth a thousand words.

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