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Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Curator, Vivienne M. Lassman
Artists: Fred Folsom, Tom Green, Annette Polan, Laura Thorne
June 6th to July 11, 2009

The selection of these established Washington artists deliberately combines abstraction and realism, two- and three-dimensional works, two women and two men in an exploration of the differences and commonalities of their creativity. Their life experiences inform and influence their investigations into each one’s methodology and each one’s approach results in a powerful expression that reflects their individual commitment to continue to move forward in new directions.

It has taken decades to work my way past the front of the flat painted surface – past the nakedness, to the soulful presence within, and finally, past solitude to stillness.
Fred Folsom

Sometimes contrasting elements are combined; sometime they are used in aggregate to create unique aesthetic forms that reflect my preoccupation with harmony and balance as well as complexity and diversity.
Laura Thorne

My paintings strive to evoke life itself. I begin by pouring and splashing paint. From that initial set of gestures, I then introduce the intentional elements that bring structure to chaos.
Tom Green

A new phase of life acknowledges the passage of time and the brevity and fragility of life. This has stirred up thoughts on love and loss, desire and memory and a new need to create.
Annette Polan

2141 Wisconsin Ave
3rd floor suite N
Washington DC 20007

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