Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Humanity: The Future of Our Cities

Imagine tens of thousands of people around the world connecting in real time over the internet to find solutions to key urban issues. Imagine a radically new form of global problem-solving that promises to empower people to take charge of decisions that affect their lives. Imagine the results that could be achieved by this unprecedented global conversation and collaboration. This is the Habitat JAM.

The Habitat JAM is a preparatory event for the third session of the World Urban Forum and is sponsored by the Government of Canada in partnership with UN-HABITAT and IBM. It is a three-day internet event on Dec 1-3, 2005 that will bring tens of thousands of people around the world together to discuss and debate the most urgent and controversial issues that face our rapidly urbanizing planet - issues such as:

·         Improving the Lives of People Living in Slums

·         Sustainable Access to Water

·         Environmental Sustainability

·         Finance and Governance

·         Safety and Security

·         Humanity: The Future of Our Cities

 Register now at:  www.habitatjam.com

Mark Dec 1-3, 2005 in your calendar

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