Friday, October 23, 2020


The Latela Curatorial x Artsy: Women in the Arts Online Exhibition is a 6-week virtual exhibition featuring 102 women artists working across multiple media from DC, MD & VA.

Artworks in this exhibition are available for sale. Purchasing art made by women artists supports the gap in pay, auction market, press and exhibition representation of women in the arts. Additionally, when you purchase artwork from this fair, you also support Latela Curatorial's mission to make space for women in arts management as Latela Curatorial is woman-owned and women-operated.

Women in the Arts, Room 2 ~ Artist as Mother :: Artist Mothers 

 An excerpt on #theworkwemustdo by curator Marta Staudinger:

“... a woman’s creative ability is her most valuable asset, for it gives outwardly and it feeds her inwardly at every level: psychic, spiritual, mental, emotive, and economic. The wild nature pours out endless possibilities, acts as birth channel, invigorates, slakes thirst, satiates our hunger for the deep and wild life. Ideally, this creative river has no dams on it, no diversions, and especially *no misuse.

Take away notes:

Do not misuse the creative river that which empowers & is taken care of by the woman artist.

She is a life-giver ~ honor + protect her energy.

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1. Materiality - In the Flesh (opens October 12, 2020)
2. Artist as Mother - Artist Mothers (opens October 19, 2020)
The Idea - Abstract to Surrealism Art (opens October 26, 2020)
4. The Vision - Seeing & Being Seen (opens November 2, 2020)
5. Action & Existence; Activism Art & the Value of Collections (opens November 9, 2020) 6. The Surrender - Trust & Process (opens November 16, 2020)



Friday, October 09, 2020

A Personal Invitation: Women in the Arts

Dear Friends,

Latela Curatorial is partnering with ARTSY to host a "Women in the Arts" online exhibition. In this initiative, we're featuring a 6-week virtual exhibition featuring 102 (!!) women artists working across multiple media from DC, MD & VA. Exhibition dates are October 12-November 22, 2020. Artworks will be exhibited by themes or "viewing rooms" and accompanied by six full weeks of online programming, including artist talks, studio visits, etc.

I am inviting you to participate in this very important exhibition. There are three tiers to participation:
1. Registration (free) to receive emails weekly about each new "viewing room" and online exhibition programming.
2. Become an Exhibition Patron (tiered pricing), which supports our curatorial efforts, or

Becoming a VIP grants you access to our Collectors Packet (the only way to preview all of the 102 artists' works before the exhibition opens), access to the archive of Zoom talks if you cannot join them LIVE, -- and -- an invitation to our VIP Preview this Sunday 5-7pm on Zoom (also recorded if you cannot join LIVE).

I hope you will consider registering to participate to watch some of the panel discussions & scroll through the inventory of art available for purchase.

Please read through the links provided above about this important initiative and consider supporting!

See you online!

Anne Marchand

Image: Anne Marchand, Amor Fati, 2020, acrylic enamel, ink on canvas, 36x36"

Thursday, October 08, 2020

GREAT MOMENTS IN ART IV - Works by Stephen Hansen


Represented by Zenith Gallery for 42 years 
Show Dates: October 9 - November 14, 2020  
RESTRICTIVE OPENING RECEPTION: Friday, October 9, 5-8 PM & Saturday, October 10, 2-6 PM 
Reserve your timed ticket for entry through Eventbrite | FRIDAY | SATURDAY 
1429 Iris Street, NW, Washington DC 20012-1409
Automat - Hopper 

Full Fathom Five - Pollock 
Still Life with Cherries and Peaches - Cezanne 
In Stephen Hansen's fourth Great Moments in Art show at Zenith, he has meticulously recreated selections from centuries of painting and added his signature paper mache painters interacting with the paintings in ways both witty and surprising. Hansen says, "I started the Great Moments series in 2014, to take a break from sculpture. Then I decided I wanted to paint more. After six years, it still resonates with me. Through this series, I have developed late-in-life art appreciation. To quote Degas, "Painting is very easy when you don't know how, but very difficult when you do."
Hansen continues, "The painters represent my thoughts while working on the painting. For example, with the Picasso one presumes abstraction, but what if the model really looked like that? Or, with the Cezanne, could you really expect the cat to leave the still life still?"
"Under the present circumstances, while painting The Japanese Footbridge, I was thinking about Monet. In 1914, at the beginning of the Great War, with the sound of artillery audible in Giverny, Monet said, "I shall stay here regardless, and if those barbarians wish to kill me, I shall die among my canvases, in front of my life's work." In Monet's case, it might have been bravery; in mine it is avoidance."
Hansen has had one-man shows in galleries and museums in Detroit, Chicago, Santa Fe, Washington DC, Philadelphia, Scottsdale, Palm Beach, and New York. His unique paper mache sculptures are included in museum, corporate, private, and government collections including the New Mexico Capitol Art Collection in Santa Fe, The Federal Reserve, and Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C., and United States Embassies in Naples, Italy, and Caracas, Venezuela.
Where:  ZENITH GALLERY, Upper Northwest Location at 1429 Iris Street NW, WDC 20012 (Just off 16th Street) 
Hours: Wed-Sat Noon-6:00 pm, Any other time by Appointment
For more information: Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963 or 

Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Latela Curatorial x Artsy: Women in the Arts Online Exhibition Opens October 11.

Monday, October 12 - Sunday, November 22, 2020 

The Latela Curatorial x Artsy: Women in the Arts Online Exhibition is a 6-week virtual exhibition featuring 80+ women artists working across multiple media from DC, MD & VA. Artworks are exhibited by themes or "viewing rooms" and accompanied by six full weeks of online programming, including artist talks, studio visits, and more! Purchasing art made by women artists supports the gap in pay, auction market, press, and exhibition representation of women in the arts. 

DC, MD & VA are home to some of the most important museums in the world, however, the emerging and mid-career art scenes across this area do not receive the same press, art fair representation, or sales as competitive art meccas such as NYC, Miami or LA. Financially supporting this art scene communicates an investment to living artists and current culture; a commitment that is just as important as - if not more important than - appreciating museums and institutions. Purchasing artwork by women artists - especially those working so close in and around the Nation's Capital during this political time - is an investment in the future of #womeninthearts.

Registration (participation) is FREE  

Here is the link to register.

VIP Preview this Sunday, Oct. 11, 5-7pm. (VIP Collector's Ticket & Packet $75.) 

VIP tickets can be purchased here

Alexandra Arata • Alexandra N Sherman • Aliana Grace Bailey • Amber Eve Anderson • Amy Hughes Braden • ANDiLAND • Anna U Davis •  Anne Hanger • Anne Marchand • Annie Broderick • Ashley Joi • Ashley Sauder Miller • Ashley Williams • Barbara Januszkidwicz • Behnaz Babazadeh • Blythe King • Brie Hayden • Camila Franco Ribeiro Gomide • Carina Tenaglia • CASIMIRA • Ceci Cole McInturff • Chris Brandell • Christina Flowers • Christine Olmstead • Clare Winslow • Dany Green • Elaine Jeffrey • Emon Surakitkoson • Erin Fostel • Erin Pedati • Eve White • Heather Jones • Heather Lynn Arts • Helen Diana Criales • Hiba Alyawer • J’Nell Jordan • Jackie Milad • Janet Tran • Janet Wittenberg • Jean Weicher • Jenny Freestone • Jessi Binder • Jordann Wine • Julia Clouser • Juliana Vallejo • Julie Bjarnhoff • Kate Fitzpatrick • Katie Pumphrey • Kay Fuller •  Kelly Walker • Kim Rice • Kimchi Juice (Julia Chon) • Kristin Adair • Kristin Gaudio Endsley • Kristina King • Kristyn Lee • Laila Abdul Hadi Jadallah • Lex Marie • Lina Alattar • Madelaine Sieracki • Madeline A. Stratton • Madison Bolls • Mahsa R Fard • Marissa Long • Marlowe Emerson • Marta Staudinger • Martina Sestakova • Maryam Rassapour • Meg Biram • Megan Maher • Mehves Lelic • Melissa Preston Jessell • Michelle Lisa Herman • Mina M. Jafari • Miriam Awad Murray • Nicole Ida Fossi • Nikia Kigler • Nina Q. Allen • Noel Kassewitz • Noir (Selena Jackson) • Nora Maccoby • Nune Vartanyan • P D Klein • Phaan Howng • Projected Reflections (Kathy A. Williams) • Rex Delafkaran • Rosa Ines Vera • Sara Dittrich • Sarah J. Hull • Sarah Jamison • Sarah Renzi Sanders • Sobia Ahmad • Stephanie Barber • Shyama R. Kuver • Stephanie Mercedes • StrangeLens • Sue Wrbican • Summer Blake • Susan Hostetler • Taylor Andrews • Tiffany de Lisio • Trap Bob