Sunday, April 29, 2007

Last day at artDC is Monday, April 30th

April 27-30, 2007 Washington Convention Center, Hall E

There's so much good art to see and only one day left to see it at artDC. There were some good lectures today and I hope I run into someone who can give me a synopsis of "New Media, Explorations and Innovations" and "Then and Now: At Play in the Color Field." I am going to get down there tomorrow again to catch the last rays of artshine from this exciting new venue in DC. It's open from 11am-5pm at the Washington DC Convention Center.

Among the many wonderful exhibitors, I mentioned Project 4 at artDC but didn't mention the names of the exhibiting artists. Director Anne Surak has a line up of innovative artists working in interesting mediums. The artDC installation includes work by Anthony Goicolea, Tricia Keightley, J. J. McCracken, Andrea Cohen, Rich MacDonald, Greg McLellan, Ivanny Pagan, Evan Morgan and Partick Holderfield. Go see them at BOOTH #147, Hall E at the DC Convention Center tomorrow. On April 13, Project 4 co-hosted PRESS PLAY with The Pink Line Project

It's the last day, so if you haven't been yet or even if you have, don't miss all the great art by great artists from all over the world!!!

Here's an index of all the Exhibitors.

Also be sure to see the Artist Competition – The New Media Lounge,
Co-sponsored by Flashpoint, Cultural Development Corporation.
Organized by Rebecca Lowery, Flashpoint Gallery Manager.

"The endeavor of this special artDC new media installation is to create a forum for emerging, as-yet-unrepresented artists from across the Washington, DC, metropolitan area. As part of DC's first-ever contemporary art fair, the works in this grouping represent just one small stratum of the region's diversity, energy and breadth of artistic talent. Furthermore, the inclusive notion of showing, in the milieu of an art fair, works by artists who are not yet represented by galleries takes inspiration from the dedication of our area's curators, institutions and nonprofit art spaces such as Flashpoint, to nurturing emerging talent and expanding its visibility. There is much to discover and cultivate here in our capital city."

Selection Committee:
Philip Barlow, collector, F. Lennox Campello, artist, blogger, art critic and independent curator, David Gariff, Lecturer, National Gallery of Art, Angela Jerardi, independent curator, Victoria Reis, Executive Director, Transformer, Laura Roulet, independent curator and writer, Sarah Tanguy, Curator at the ART in Embassies Program, independent curator and critic

Participating Artists: Rebecca C. Adams, Heather Boaz, Derek Coté and John Henry Blatter, Ryan Hoover, Chris LaVoie, Scott Ligon, Aaron Oldenburg, Rob Parrish, Sara Pomerance, Richard Schellenberg, with original music by John Maestri, Katie Schuler and Trish Tillman


Author, ERIC MAISEL will be visiting an interesting group of bloggers this week to speak about his breathing and mindfulness techniques in his new book, Ten Zen Seconds . How this applies to an artful life and those who write, how to apply mindfulness for creative focus and even enriching relationships with pets will be addressed. Here's this week's blog tour schedule.

Dani Greer
Flagler, Colorado

Dani is a professional artist and writer who recently began to blog and squidoo. She first heard about Blog Book Tours through a fellow Women Writing the West colleague and believes that in light of Peak Oil and Climate Change, the Blog Book Tour idea is brilliant and bound to be a much-used marketing technique by many writers in the near future. Dani is particularly interested in discovering what kind of interest she can generate for the concept in the Squidoo Community. (For more information about the Squidoo Community, visit them at

Dani and Eric will chat about how to use each of the Ten Zen Second incantations as a daily writing prompts.

Mary Gordon
Edinburgh, Scotland
Mary Gordon is an Artists Way group facilitator, documentary maker, knitter and blogger.
Mary and Eric will be chatting about using Zen Ten Second techniques to help us determine what we authentically want to create.

Judith Nasse
Taos, NM, USA
Judith Nasse loves children's books, and deeply enjoys reviewing the books that come her way, no matter the genre or age level. She is in the process of creating her own picture books and young adult historical fiction. She has a passion for the creative process in the making of children's books especially finding joy in the long process of research, writing, and illustrating.

Judith and Eric will focus on the creative process of children's books, especially how to maintain daily creativity and a positive outlook in the face of the long process, rejections, the inevitable doubts, and the plethora of conflicting attitudes from society and the publishing world, as well as Ten Zen Second techniques for children.

Martha Garvey - My Dog’s World I Just Live In It
Hoboken, New Jersey
Martha Garvey was once a dog-fearing writer who in 2001 adopted Faith, a pit bull mix, from a Jersey City shelter. It changed her life big time. Since then, she has written two books, “My Fat Dog” and “My Fat Cat,” both subtitled “10 Simple Steps to Help Your Pet Lose Weight,” which is what she writes about on her blogs, along with more general issues around the challenges of pet ownership. Though her books don’t quite have “10 Zen Seconds,” they do offer “Five Fat Minutes,” quick and easy tips for improving pet health.

The focus of the blogtour day will be on applying the spirit and the letter of “Ten Zen Seconds” to responsible pet ownership—that is, encouraging people to use their creativity in small, manageable doses to enrich their relationships with their pets; and, just as importantly, to relax while they do it. Martha thinks that she may also ask Eric if dogs meditate, if she finds herself in the right mood.

Jan Allsopp
Coffs Harbour, New South Wales, Australia
Jan Allsopp is a visual artist with 20 years experience working in the mediums of painting, drawing and sculpture. About a year ago, Jan decided to turn her hand to sketching and journaling her travels and her everyday life. She was surprised at how challenging it was to work in this way, and how enjoyable and fulfilling. " my spare time" is the blog that came along for the ride. There Jan posts her sketches, journal entries and from time to time showcases her other work.

Jan and Eric will focus will be on everyday mindfulness for the visual artist.

Christchurch, New Zealand
Catherine is a poet, family historian and occasional quiltmaker who blogs about these topics in words and images, along with anything else that takes her fancy.

Catherine and Eric will chat about the use of mindfulness techniques for finding a creative focus - in particular for those whose energies are necessarily spread in several directions (day job, family, creative pursuits etc). How can mindfulness help with the energy needed to start or re-start our creative tasks, when competing demands require that these tasks must fit into small portions of our time?


No show last night

I didn't have a chance to go to the opening of "No Representation" or "Supple" last night. It would be good to hear from those who did. Wedding bells were pealing for some of my friends as hubbie and I headed to an early wedding reception in Georgetown which lasted way past our bedtime hour. I did get to artDC earlier in the day to hear the lecture on the collecting mystique. Before 5pm, I managed to sneak a peak at the Warehouse Gallery shows. What caught my eye was work by Rex Weil, Pat Goslee, Ellyn Weiss, J. Belmar, Robin Rose, Adam Fowler, Mary Early, Laura Lukaszewski and Kevin Kepple. There's lots more good work and I'll be going back to take another look. I loved going up the inside steps of Warehouse Gallery with the ancient looking walls. The place exudes history, age, creativity, and intrigue. It's a great space to display art. J. T. Kirkland at Thinking About Art says he will have some professional shots of the show done soon by photographer and friend Greg Staley. Greg is a great guy to work with and an excellent professional photographer in DC. Anybody got links to pics from Sat. night's opening?

1017-21 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Notes on the Collecting Mystique at artDC

Examining the Collecting Mystique: Passion or Duty or Self-Indulgence? ___________________________________________________The contemporary art world piques the interest of both novice and seasoned collectors. Everyone wants to know why people buy art. Is it a good investment? Should one purchase only from the heart? Does the “addict” collector buy for the right reasons? Are there right or wrong purchases?
Bill Dunlap, Moderator, Artist and Art Commentator, Miami
Lorie Peters Lauthier, Collector, DC and Paris
Martin Irvine, Owner of Irvine Contemporary
Jack Rasmussen, Director and Curator of the Katzen Arts Center
Michael Abrams, Collector, DC

__________________________________________________________This was an important lecture for seasoned and beginning collectors, artists, gallerists and interested art lovers. I attended this 1- 1/2 hour arTalks lecture at the Convention Center this afternoon. The house was packed and I only got a seat mid way through the talks. Here are some of the high points I gleaned from the panelists experiences in the world of collecting. I found it very exciting to hear firsthand from passionate collectors and hope that you find it equally rewarding.

From Jack Rasmussen of the Katzen Arts Center- "Artists create art because they have to. Making art is not a rational decision. Collectors are the most important players in the art world.....scouring the art world in ways curators are not." "Auctions are great places to find art."

Michael Abrams collects photographs from galleries and from ebay in a range of prices. He says collecting is something that stays with you even if you don't hold onto the objects you collect. "One has to learn how to collect both at an inexpensive level or higher." He looks at the relative value of the art both in terms of the history of the times it was created and how the artist participated in the history of the medium. "Look at who is the building blocks of the medium and who are the peripheral players." Collecting is both a viseral and an intellectual experience for the collector. A collector begins to recognize the patterns of what appeals to them.

Lorie Peters Lauthier contributed that in the 1970's photography was not so collected since it was a new medium. "Now we have video, glass, ceramics with furniture and architectual design as a mixture of the way we live today." She says that scarcity is valued in editions with low numbers creating more value. Look for the least amount in photographic reproductions, 5 or 8 to create scarcity and higher value. Harry Lunn whipped the photo market into shape in the beginning in Washington, DC.

Martin Irvine elaborated that value is created in the art world in the same way we value other things. "Why shouldn't a great piece of art be valued the same way. Ubercollectors like Podesta show great leadership in taking risks on art that the art world hasn't yet decided on. The art world is sustained by collectors on every level. The art boom exists because of all the people on every level of every tier."

Abrams- "There's nothing more exciting for a collector than seeing art by a relatively unknown artist and saying, my god, (s)he's got it."

Lauthier - "There may be high growth in younger artists who then plateau anywhere between ages 30-50 even 60. As they get older, if the artist continues to do great things, the younger work is very valuable. The work can go down in value if the artist does no work in their later years."

Irvine- "Art value follows the information economy. What are the photographers thinking. Are they taking the medium to new places. What's the new story. We already know the old story. Art has value that is in dialogue with history, an ongoing 3000 year old conversation about what it is to make great art."

Lauthier- collects certain artists over time through galleries all over the world and on the internet. As a collector, she also promotes her artists to other gallerists who visit her home. "Collecting is sharing and communication, like a good joke that you want to share."

Dunlap -" It's like Art Evangelism."

Abrams- "Collectors get past the object to the person behind it." Advocacy includes being on Boards of Institutions, giving an artist money for a catalogue, for a trip to take the photographs for a project, for publishing photo books with no economic return but advances the artist's career.

Irvine- "It's all about relationships. Having been in Washington, DC for 19 years, extraordinary things are happening. It's the best contemporary arts has ever been." The gallery would love to negotiate with collectors who are committed to building a relationship. The galleries keep value of the artwork for the artist and for a network of other galleries around the world.

Lauthier- On collecting art - "It's about Passion, about your art talking to you. Whether it goes up in value or not, you've had it to live with all this time."

Bill Dunlap - "There's three important elements in the art world: The Critic, The Artist, The Dealer. The dealers work hard. They earn their commission by doing the best for the artists they represent."

Now go out and collect some art.

Exciting, exotic ArtDC

Thank you Susan K. for sending over this great article by JoAnna Shaw-Eagle in today's Washington's Times! And thank you JoAnna for stepping up to the plate! Great piece covering some of the exhibiting artists.

No Plans To Expand Filmfest DC

Washington, DC International Film Festival
April 19-29, 2007

The 21st edition of the Washington, DC International Film Festival features some of the best, new and exciting films in international cinema today. Films encompass a global range of cultures, music, and politics from over 30 countries. Tickets are on sale through

By popular demand, a screening of Armenia has been added for Saturday at 10:30 AM. For the first time, screenings will take place primarily in one venue, located at
4000 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Washington, DC USA

Read Article on DC Filmfest and its part-time director, Tony Gittens.

Get Your ArTalks On Today at artDC

There are several good talks going on at artDC. I'll be heading over to attend at least one of them this afternoon and then over to The Warehouse Gallery to see the show "No Representation" and Supple.

ArTalks. Educational programming is an important component of artDC, and this year will not disappoint. The ArTalk series of panel discussions takes place over the weekend at the Convention Center, Hall E. Local and international curators, museum directors and other art specialists will discuss a variety of topics relevant to DC and the fair. All talks are free of charge and open to the public (with purchase of fair ticket).

All Panel Discussions are presented in the Seminar Room inside of Hall E, next to the café. Panels typically last an hour and half including time for Q&A.

Saturday, April 28

Art and Design in the Modern World. Paul Greenhalgh, moderator, Director and President of the Corcoran Gallery of Art, organized this panel for artDC to coincide with the recently opened exhibition Modernism: Designing a New World 1914-1939—the largest and most comprehensive exhibition on the subject ever staged in America. The panel includes a fascinating mix of scholars and art world personalities. Not to be missed. A visit to the exhibition at the Corcoran is encouraged.


Paul Greenhalgh; Moderator, Director and President of the Corcoran Gallery of Art; DC
Professor Jonathan Woodham; Director, Centre for Research & Development (Arts & Architecture), University of Brighton
Catherine Armour; Administrative Chair, Design, Corcoran College of Art + Design, and Designer, Modernism: Designing a New World 1914-1939

Examining the Collecting Mystique: Passion or Duty or Self-Indulgence? The contemporary art world piques the interest of both novice and seasoned collectors. Everyone wants to know why people buy art. Is it a good investment? Should one purchase only from the heart? Does the “addict” collector buy for the right reasons? Are there right or wrong purchases? Join this very exciting discussion to find out what our panelists believe.


Bill Dunlap, Moderator, Artist and Art Commentator, Miami
Lorie Peters Lauthier, Collector, DC and Paris
Martin Irvine, Owner of Irvine Contemporary, DC
Jack Rasmussen, Director and Curator of the Katzen Arts Center, DC
Michael Abrams, Collector, DC

Chinese Contemporary Art: A Chinese Perspective. Join a round table discussion with the curator of artDC’s special exhibition Another Look: New Art from Shanghai. Liu Jian, curator, and Yu Xingze, Assistant Curator, along with the visiting artists, will share their impressions of today’s position of Chinese contemporary art. Both curators are also artists and have studied, lived, and worked in China and the West. They therefore bring a unique perspective to the analysis of Western and Chinese art practices today. They will explain their philosophy behind the selection of the twelve artists in the exhibition.


Sunday, April 29

New Media: Exploration and Innovations. Navigating the ever-changing world of contemporary art is challenging for scholars, let alone the average viewer wanting to keep pace with museum and gallery exhibitions. Our very distinguished panel of experts will discuss the exciting area of New Media that has been gaining perhaps more attention than any other medium in the current art market.


Peggy Parsons, Moderator, Film Department Head of the National Gallery of Art, DC
Kerry Brougher, Chief Curator of the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Gardens, DC
Beth Turner, Senior Curator of the Phillips Collection, DC
John Hanhardt, Consulting Curator of Film and Media of the Smithsonian American Art Museum (SAAM), DC
Raphaele Shirley, Artist and co-founder of Perpetual Art Machine, NYC

Colorfield Remix. Then and Now: At Play in the Color Field, a conversation that ranges from Washington Color School heydays to what’s happening on art fronts now.


Moderator: Independent Curator Jean Lawlor Cohen, Jonathan Binstock, Curator of Contemporary Art, Corcoran Gallery of Art, Kim Ward, Executive Director, Washington Project for the Arts/Corcoran, Jean-Pierre de Andino, Art Dealer/Consultant, Washington, DC and Madrid

April 24–30
Office: 202.249.4219
Fax: 202.789.2949
Press: 202.249.4221
Copyright © 2007 artDC. All rights reserved. | Legal Terms

Friday, April 27, 2007


Dear Washington Post Arts Editors and other arts media folks,

This is a wake up call to get on board with more in depth coverage while the rest of us celebrate a first time convergence of major artist venues in our nation's capital! This is history in the making. Where are you guys? Are you sleeping? Wake up and smell the art and start talking about it, would ya. And write it big. Ya know, there's more to DC than just politics. And besides, I hear that more art will make you happier in the workplace. So the more you say....the more you play. Get in the game and join the rest of us in getting more in depth coverage out about these exciting times.

Here's a sampling of the convergence of art events in DC for April and May:



















PS Thanks for saying this-
See Friday's WaPo news here
Going Out Guru's here.


I've just Spent 3 hours touring artDC and WOW! What great stuff - ART that is! I've got to say that I love seeing all the European galleries from Paris and Spain, plus Canada and Vietnam to name a few countries (and there are many more exciting ones). Luis Burgos Gallery from Madrid is showing a large Triptych by Jose Luis Zumeta that'll knock your socks off at booth 322! My favorites in the show are some of our DC Galleries.

Guys and Gals, this is today's first favorite picks - Tomorrow, I'll see some things new. I can only travel at moving speed of 3 hours before I have to refuel for the day.

1.Brandon Morse at Conner Contemporary Booth #215. *****This is an awesome example of mystery and technology. Brandon combines sotware that tracks weather patterns with other tehnologies and comes up with the most sublime, mysterious and mesmerizing movements on a flat panel screen. You've gotta see this.

2. I saw Oliver Vernon's excellent one man show at Irvine Contemporary which is up until May 19. See if the work at artDC creates the same kind of space for you as it does for me -macro and microcosm. I love, love, love this artist's visualizations of interdependent organic and humanly constructed environments. His paintings capture both macro and micro views of worlds in convergence. Buy this hot artist in Washington, DC now at Booth #304.

3.Juliet Rose at The Steps Gallery, Ltd, Bristol. Juliet turns nuts and bolts into painted memories of the past, haunting images that reflect a magnetic energy with memories of her grandmothers writings and life in a not so pleasant world. These images look like magnetic fields holding everything together. Booth #401

4. Project 4 - I love their whole display of artists. Go straight to Booth #147, past Steve Gibson's naked men from Canada's Art Core Gallery.

5. Tim Tate of the Washington Glass School has a wonderful exhibition of glass with tiny video screens inside. Booth #C9

6. Hemphill has a divine 18 panel wall of William Christenberry that is fabulous! And a sculpture by Mary Early called Untitled Arch. Booth #519

7. I've rediscovered Osuna Art of Bethesda, MD at artDC. Robert Lennon is exhibiting a large display of Carol Brown Goldberg paintings. Ms. Goldberg is scheduled to give a talk at the Kreeger Musuem tomorrow from 2-3:30pm. Booth #400

8. Bruce Wilheim is featured with animated art at ADA Contemporary from Richmond, VA Booth #141

9. Jae Ko paper sculpture at Marsha Matekya Gallery and some small gems of hot glue and tinseled silver powder on black paper by
Athena Tacha Booth #433

10. Sundaram Tagore Gallery from NYC has lots of beautiful minimal and patterned paintings, especially liked a large one by Joan Vennum. Booth #325

Go have a look tomorrow and go buy these artists NOW! I've got to see the other half of the show!

Ten Zen Seconds has climbed to number 28!

AMAZING! I just wanted to let you know that of the 2200 total Zen books that Amazon tracks, Ten Zen Seconds has climbed to number 28! This Amazon list includes all of the famous Zen books, including Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind, etc.

Pretty darn good! Continue on the Blog Tour with Author Eric Maisel here

Ten Zen Seconds

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gala Opening Night for artDC

I donned what I consider my semi-formal attire to attend tonight's reception for artDC at the DC Convention Center. The event was promoted as laying out the Red Carpet and you know, they did! It's a beautifully designed space, red carpet and all and the art is displayed very well. This show gets a thumbs up. The DC art scene made history tonight by staging this top notch event. artDC is large enough to keep you moving and riveted on art for hours. It's a joy to see the variety and the quality of art that is being exhibited. I got a quick glimpse of the sculpture selections, including translucent moving sculptures and a nude sculpture of three men in conversation (more details later). There's lots more to see. Come see for yourself what the buzz is all about. Tomorrow you get a free pass to get in. There's art from the US and abroad. Check out the list of exhibitors here. There's some great art to be bought, so don't miss out! Wear your comfortable shoes and come on out.

I took a few pictures of DC participants, and you can enjoy a few scenes from the evening. Try to guess who's who in their displays.

We have persons from Project 4 - look closely for director, Anne Surak. Jessica Lawrence and Kimberly Graham are from Hemphill Gallery. There's Felix Angel from IDB Cultural Center, Norman Parish and Kimberly Perkins from the Parish Gallery, Graciela Kartofel from Modern Contemporary Art of the Americas is down from New York. Martin Irvine of Irvine Contempory, Randall Scott Gallery and Victoria Reis at Transformer are enjoying the show. Andres Tremols of WPA/C & Tim Tate of The Glass School will be back for more tomorrow. (Let me know if I missed anyone) I'm in there too. Come meet eveyone. I'm heading out to see the rest of the show tomorrow and I hope you take this opportunity to come see and buy some great art!

Fair Day

I'm off to the artDC fair reception and hope to see you there tonight! Report later.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

artDC Gallery Booths

On Friday, April 27, artDC is free all day.

Please join:
Adamson Gallery at artDC Booth #227

G FINE ART presents one multi-faceted large scale work By Graham Caldwell at ARTDC Booth #741

International Arts and Artists at artDC booth #C7 and learn more about IA's Traveling Exhibitions, Design Studio, USArts, and its newest program, Hillyer Art Space.

Irvine Contemporary at artDC. Visit at Booth #304 (at front entrance)


Washington Convention Center
801 Mount Vernon NW
Washington, DC

Friday - Saturday: 11am-7pm
Sunday: 11am-5 pm

For ticket information, call 1-866-727-7953, or email

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Supple - It's back on!

April 26 - May 12
Receptions (4/26-28)*: 7-9pm
See J.T. Kirkland's, Thinking About Art, post here.

This Thursday is the opening day of "Supple," curated by J.T. Kirkland to coincide with the ArtDC fair being held this weekend at the Washington Convention Center. Come to the The Warehouse Gallery opening receptions on Thursday and Friday to meet the artists and see the show: Colby Caldwell, Graham Caldwell, Mary Early, Adam Fowler, James Huckenpahler, Kevin Kepple, Laurel Lukaszewski, Linn Meyers, Adrian Parsons, Robin Rose, Matt Sargent.

The Warehouse Gallery
1021 7th St, NW
Washington, DC 20001

Gallery hours (4/26-29): 11am-7pm
Gallery hours (4/30 - 5/12): Mon-Fri: 5-11pm, Sat: noon-midnight, Sun: noon-6pm

Live performances of Matt Sargent's music will still be at 8pm on Thursday and Saturday.

Virtual Appeal, a CyberExhibit

one abstract painter coming soon to a cyberspace near you

"Virtual Appeal: Anne Marchand, Abstract Painting in Washington, DC"
April 23 - May 10, 2007

Untitled ©2007, Anne Marchand

In celebration of abstract painting and artists everywhere in Washington, DC, with the large area wide exhibitions; ColorField Remix, the first International Art Fair, artDC and Artomatic, I'm holding my studio's first Virtual Gallery Exhibition, Virtual Appeal. You're invited to view selections from my latest body of work, the "Leela Series". (Work in progress....The artist reserves the right to alter the contents of this exhibition and blog anytime, from anywhere.)

Washington, DC USA

Virtual Appeal touches on how art is exhibited in today's market, the transitory nature of reality and the role that art plays in our lives. The virtual exhibition occurs online on computers everywhere while the first DC International Art Fair, is being held at the DC Convention Center in Washington, DC from April 27-30, 2007. Virtual Appeal, the cyber exhibition slideshow runs through May 10 when the cyber-gallery will then retire to a private cyberspace and the artist will continue to celebrate an artful life in her studio (and elsewhere).

A virtual exhibition by Washington, DC artist, Anne Marchand. Marchand is a colorist working in acrylic and mixed media. Her paintings explore the dynamics of movement through her color combinations, her use of dynamic line and surface texture. The artist uses the voice of abstraction to set the stage, and play in the world of possibilities. Irridescent and translucent color passages in her canvases convey (e)motion and stillness. Color lines convey dynamic and subtle movements. The artist's process and journey is mysteriously concealed and revealed through multi-layered and textured surfaces. She extends her play through the world of media in her blog Painterly Visions.

In 2007, Anne Marchand was awarded an Artist Fellowship from the DC Commission on the Arts and Humanities. She has exhibited her work throughout the United States and in Mexico. Her paintings are in numerous private and public collections. Marchand describes her work as "a spontaneous play of paint, poetry, music, communication and meaning."

This cyber exhibit is conceived and curated by Washington, DC artist Anne Marchand and will feature ten of her new works. Location: Cyberspace - Global - on Picasa Web Albums. Free and open to the public - 24 hours a day and night.

The works selected are from my current body of work, "Leela," which refers to life as a cosmic playground. The painting series will be featured at the Arches Gallery in the wine country of California opening on August 3, 2007. For now, just drop by the cybershow often and please, let me know what you think. - Anne Marchand

Marchand Public Cyber Gallery at

Check my calendar of events for real time exhibitions at

Email Us

Stop by the Zenith Gallery in Washington, DC to see my work included in the “29 Artists – 29 Years” 29th Anniversary Exhibition thru April 29, 2007.


Celebrate the arts in Washington, DC this month at:
ColorField Remix

Marchand programs funded in part by the DC Commission on The Arts and Humanities, an agency supported in part by the National Endowment For The Arts.


April 27 - 30, 2007 - BOOTH #147

Washington Convention Center, Hall E - View Map
801 Mount Vernon Place, NW, Washington DC

Margaret Boozer, Andrea Cohen, Patrick Holderfield, Tricia Keightley, Laurel Lukaszewski, Rich MacDonald, J.J. McCracken, Gregory McLellan, Evan Morgan, Ivanny Pagan, Jonathan Trundle.

For additional information please Contact: Anne Surak, Director


Live Life Well and in Peace

Thanks to Janet Grace Riehl for bringing this to my readers attention.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama is broadcasting live from Maui, Hawaii today. Go to the Tibet Fund website to hear his broadcast, 8PM EST

His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Maui , Hawaii

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 2:00 – 3:30 PM HADT
Public Talk: The Human Approach to World Peace
Presented by the Maui Arts and Cultural Center

Wednesday, April 25, 2007 2:00 – 3:30 PM HADT
Teaching: On Geshe Langri Thangpa’s Eight Verses
of Training the Mind (Lojong Tsikgyama)

No Representation

The Warehouse Gallery is hosting a show of local artists called “No Representation” from April 26 to May 12, 2007.
Opening Reception, Saturday, April 28 starting at 6 pm

The show includes all media and has two rules only: all of the art is by local artists and all the work is abstract.
It is curated by Molly Ruppert, Sondra N. Arkin, Ellyn Weiss and Phillipa P.B. Hughes


Sondra N. Arkin, J. Belmar, Mark Cameron Boyd, Renee Butler, Tory Cowles, Laurel Farrin, Michael Gessner, Janis Goodman, Pat Goslee, Tom Green, Eve Hennessa, Kristin Holder, Brece Honeycutt, Becky Jones, Joanne Kent, Adrian Loving + Ayodamola Okunseinde (Dissident Display), Aubrie Mema, Elizabeth Morisette, Emily Piccirillo, Lynn Putney, Marina Reiter, Nooni Reatig, Chris Tousimis, Dan Treado, Andres Tremols, CC Vess, Gail Vollrath, Anita Walsh, Rex Weil and Ellyn Weiss.

The Warehouse Gallery
1017-21 7th Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

Monday, April 23, 2007



LOOKING INTO COLOR: The Paintings of Leon Berkowitz
APRIL 10 – JUNE 28, 2007

MAY 1, 2007

Pepco's Edison Place Gallery

701 9th Street NW, Washington, DC
Entrance on 8th at G; Public Parking Available

Gallery Hours: Tuesday–Friday, 12–4, 202.872.3396
Metro: Gallery Place / Chinatown (red line)


Cultural Development Corporation

Megan Jacobs & Anna Westfall
April 27 – June 2

Opening Reception
Friday, April 27, 6:00 – 8:00pm

Penumbra, a collaborative exhibition by Megan Jacobs and Anna Westfall, explores the fluid nature of memory. Using video, fabric, porcelain, and ephemeral materials such as ice and light, the artists create a sculptural installation alluding to the experience of memory.

Gallery at Flashpoint
916 G Street, NW
Metro: Gallery Place (9th Street exit) or Metro Center (11th & G streets exit)

Sculptures of Douglass, L'Enfant Near Completion

Steven Weitzman and Gordon Kray were selected last year by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities to work on the sculptures of two of the District's most prominent residents: civil rights advocate, journalist and orator Frederick Douglass and architect and engineer Pierre Charles L'Enfant. Read WaPo article here.

2008 DC Grant Opportunity for Artists and Art Organizations

Grant applications are now available for the following FY 2008 programs:

Artist Fellowship Program: (Disciplines eligible for FY 2008 funds: Dance, Interdisciplinary/Performance Art, Literature, Music, Theater)
Arts Learning & Outreach: Arts Education Projects
City Arts Projects
Cultural Facilities Project
East of the River Arts Initiative
Festivals DC
Folk & Traditional Arts Mini-Grant Program
Grants-in-Aid to Organizations
Hip Hop Community Arts Initiative
Public Art Building Communities
Small Projects Program
Young Artist Program

Grant applications will be available by May 14, 2007 for the following FY 2008 program: Elders Learning Through the Arts

Download grant applications here.

Sarah Levine
Program Assistant
D.C. Commision for the Arts and Humanities
(202) 724-5613


artDC To Present The First Annual Modern and Contemporary Art Fair In Washington DC April 27th - 30th 2007
The countdown is on, the buzz has begun and April 27th is right around the corner - that is when the District of Columbia will be officially designated the art capital of the world. Curators, collectors, connoisseurs, art dealers, movers and shakers from the four corners of the globe gather for DC's first modern and contemporary art fair "artDC" opening its doors to the public on Friday, April 27th at the Washington Convention Center, Hall E and running through Monday, April 30th.

artDC features a select group of 80 galleries from Europe, Asia and the Americas to showcase modern and contemporary art in all disciplines - painting, sculpture, photography, works on paper and video -to present a dynamic cross-section of today's multi-dimensional art market and establish artDC as one of the not-to-be-missed annual fairs.

artDC sets itself apart from other boutique fairs by emphasizing special projects areas: SLICE, where visitors can discover the hottest trends in the art market by emerging artists; Another Look: New Art from Shanghai, a curated exhibition of contemporary artists from Shanghai working in a variety of media; and New Media installations. Space is also provided for large-scale sculptures, performance and a unique Video Lounge Bar featuring video and internet art projects by regional artists, finalists in a local juried competition organized by artDC and Flashpoint. Many of the region's non-profit spaces and institutions will also be present in the fair, some with curated exhibitions.

The Host Committee for artDC is comprised of some of the area's finest collectors, philanthropists and socialites who have joined the fair's effort to attract the city's who's who to the artDC opening night press and collector benefit preview for the Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington,the united voice of the cultural community for Washington and the 4-county region.

The benefit will take place on the evening of Thursday April 26th and ticket prices are $100 during the first two hours of the evening from 5:30 to 7:30pm when drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served, $30 during the hours of 7:30 to 9:30pm with a cash bar. Tickets may be ordered by calling 312-587-8124 or by email:

In addition, artDC proudly presents a series of panel discussions titled ArTalks, featuring many local museum directors, curators, scholars and artists speaking on a variety of relevant topics. Additional programs include off-site activities throughout the four-day fair. Find a detailed schedule of times and dates of all activities on the

artDC website:

Friday - Free Day April 27 11 AM - 7 PM
Saturday April 28 11 AM - 7 PM
Sunday April 29 11 AM - 7 PM
Monday April 30 11 AM - 5 PM

General Admission: $12
Groups of 10 or more: $9
Seniors/Students: $5
Children under 12: Free


Author, ERIC MAISELwill be visiting an interesting group of bloggers this week to speak about his breathing and mindfulness techniques in his new book, Ten Zen Seconds . How this applies to an artful life and to those who practice meditation and more will be addressed. Here's this week's blog tour schedule.

Culver City, California

Claudia Dose is an artist with a passion for color and spirituality who travels and moves a lot. In her blog, “the flowers of my mind,” she shares her inner and outer worlds as an artist and spiritual being. By using it as a container for her thoughts and progress as well as failures and doubts she is able to leave them behind and put only the most beautiful flowers on her website

Claudia and Eric will chat about how Ten Zen Second techniques can be used at the beginning of the creative process and throughout the day to ward off negative thinking and how the Ten Zen Second incantations differ from affirmations.

Austin, Texas is based in Austin, Texas and is published by Pagewise, Inc. The site was founded in July 2005 by publisher and CEO, Byron Reese, as an alternative to more traditional and negative news sources.

DOUGLAS EBY, Developing Talent, Talent Development Resources
Information & inspiration to enhance creative expression
Beverly Hills, California

Douglas Eby, M.A./Psychology, is a researcher and writer on the psychological aspects of exceptional ability, creativity and achievement. His site Talent Development Resources provides information and inspiration to enhance creative expression and personal development.

Doug and Eric will chat about how anxiety, depression and other mental health issues affect the growth and expression of creative talents and how Ten Zen Second techniques can be helpful for dealing with these issues. We’ll also be looking at how mindfulness has been useful for enhancing access to intuition and creative imagination, particularly for highly sensitive people.

Riehl Life: Village Wisdom for the 21st Century
Kelseyville, California

Janet Grace Riehl just can't help booming along in her late-fifties as an author, artist, speaker, musician, performer, and co-producer of an old-fashioned comedy variety review show Comedy on Tilt. Her blog "Riehl Life: Village Wisdom for the 21st Century" creates connections across art forms and cultures and occasionally features the work of her 91-year-old father, Erwin A. Thompson, a rip-snort'n, root'n-toot'n folk treasure.

Janet and Eric will chat about using Ten Zen Second techniques to foster and maintain connection.

Cleveland, Ohio

After years of living in Washington, DC and teaching in museums, Melanie followed her creative path home to Cleveland. On her blog, Dose of Creativity, she muses on all things creative and sprinkles in inspired hints and tips to promote creativity as a tool for personal and professional success.

Melanie and Eric will be chatting about using Ten Zen Second techniques to reduce anxiety during the creative process.

SATURDAY, April 28
Longmont, Colorado

Donna Druchunas learned to knit before she could read. After working for 12 years as a technical writer, she decided to combine her interest in knitting with her skill at writing easy-to-follow instructions. She is the author of two books about knitting, The Knitted Rug and Arctic Lace, and has had many articles and patterns published in popular knitting magazines. Her blog features writing about knitting and fiber arts as well as the occasional foray into politics and social justice.

Donna and Eric will be chatting about mindfulness techniques for fiber artists.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

DIRECTIONS: DC Contemporary Latino Art

Co - Curated by Irene Clouthier & Laura Roulet

April 27 - June 15, 2007
Friday April 27, 7PM Grande opening

In the context of country’s newest art fair, ArtDc, the Cultural Institute presents 35 works by 11 Latino artists living in the DC area. Curated by Laura Roulet and Irene Clouthier.

Artists: Roxana Bravo, Irene Clouthier, Pepe Coronado, Edgar Endress, Muriel Hasbun, Gabriel Martinez, Tomás Rivas, José Ruiz, Catalina Torres y Ricardo Zapata.

Frida Kahlo Gallery
Cultural Institute of Mexico
2829 16th Street, N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20009
R.S.V.P. (202) 728 1675 or by email:
Gallery Hours: Monday to Friday 10:00 am to 6:00 pm

Ten Zen Seconds Blog Tour Week End

Check out the rest of this week's Ten Zen Seconds blog tour and the topics that might interest you.

THURSDAY, APRIL 19, Deborah Robson
Fort Collins, Colorado

Deborah Robson is a writer, artist, and independent publisher. Her blog discusses knitting, writing, spinning, independent publishing, and similar quests.

Deb and Eric Maisel will be chatting about where the Ten Zen Seconds technique came from, how culture interferes with our ability to center, and how Eric makes personal use of the TZS method.

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, Pamela Yates
Footprints Fine Art Gallery & Working Studio Blog:
St. Paul. Minnesota

Pamela Yates is a figurative abstract painter and conceptual artist who provides individual creativity coaching to creative people at all levels. Her Creative Circle Cafe blog provides compassionate support, ideas, tools and stories for clients and other visitors who drop in to relax, noodle around and allow their creative dreams and goals to expand and breath.

Pamela and Eric Maisel will be looking at two areas: Ten Zen Second techniques for visual artists and writers and applying Ten Zen Second ideas for sufferers of PTSD and severe anxiety who want to lessen or eliminate their prescription medications. (This will be of special interest to the recovery audience.)

Blog: Quiet Little Life
Mystic, Connecticut

Kay Pere is a multi-dimensional performing songwriter, visual artist, writer, educator and activist whose work embodies a message of hope, healing, humor and humanity. When she isn't traveling to perform, present workshops or show her artwork, Kay lives a quiet little life in a Mystical corner of southern New England. In Kay’s Quiet Little Life blog, she explores the challenges of creating a meaningful artistic life while working to make a living from her efforts.

If you’ve chosen to make creativity an important part of your everyday life, perhaps even your source of livelihood, then you have experienced the challenges of making meaningful work while responding to the demands of the marketplace and a daily domestic routine. Kay and Eric Maisel will look at practical suggestions for using Ten Zen Seconds to address these challenges.

Lyrical Color

Colorfield Remix is in full swing. You can see an exhibition of the Washington Color School at The Phillips Collection in Washington, DC

Lyrical Color: Morris Louis, Gene Davis, Kenneth Noland and the Washington Color School
April 14–July 29, 2007

Approximately 20 paintings and works on paper from the museum's permanent collection will be on display as part of a citywide celebration of the Washington Color School artists, featuring works by Helen Frankenthaler, Morris Louis, Howard Mehring, Kenneth Noland, Alma Thomas, Gene Davis, Thomas Downing, Willem de Looper, and Sam Gilliam. By painting and pouring thinned acrylic paints onto unprimed canvases, these artists created abstract, layered shapes and stains that emphasized the optical effects of color relationships and the flatness of their work surface.

The Phillips Collection
1600 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009

Tuesday–Saturday:10 a.m.–5 p.m.
Thursday, extended hours:10 a.m.–8:30 p.m
Sunday:11 a.m.-6 p.m.
Closed Monday

ColorFieldremix : SATURATED

April 25 - 29, 2007
Curated by Zoe Myers
Public reception with the artists: Friday, April 27, 6-9pm

A short-term exhibition and artist party featuring works from the current generation of Washington, DC based artists exploring the use of color in original ways. Curated by Zoe Myers from the WPA\C ArtFile, and presented as part of the DC-area ColorFieldremix project.

Featured artists: Joseph Barbaccia / Joan Belmar / Jonathan Bucci / Renee Marcus Butler / Craig Cahoon / Tory Cowles / Mary Early / Eric Finzi / Gail Gorlitzz / Eve Hennessa / Lisa Kellner / Kevin Kepple / Joan Konkel / Isabel Manalo / Crisley McCarson / Antonio Puri / Darren Smith / Trish Tillman / Robert Kent Wilson

Heineman Myers Contemporary Art
4728 Hampden Lane
Bethesda, MD 20814 / 301.951.7900 /
Gallery hours: Wed-Fri 2-6 /Sat 1-7 / Sun 1-5

Experimental Media Series : ColorFieldremix

The spirit of the Washington Color School of painters will be remembered and redefined in the WPA\C Experimental Media Series: ColorFieldremix which challenges artists to reinterpret the color-field artists with experimental media, sound and performance pieces through a three-night curated and juried series.

Night #1
April 25, 2007, 7-9pm

Live audio/visual performances by:

Screening of video and sound works by:

500 17th STREET NW / WASHINGTON DC 20006

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Great Walk at Great Falls

Spring is finally here and everybody was out today! It wouldn't be a great spring weekend without a walk in nature and what better place to go than Great Falls, Maryland. The river was rolling and the falls looked like they were boiling. Mother Nature is full of patterns and we had a wonderful walk on the trail looking at trees, rocks, and water. I've got to get out in nature more often! I saw some intervals of shapes and patterns in nature which remind me that I've got to go see the Gene Davis exhibition, Interval, at the Kreeger Museum. It's part of the ColorField remix citywide exhibitions I was scheduled to go to the Educator's Workshop last week but there was a postponement by the museum. "Davis's work will be on display at a solo show at the Kreeger Museum that brings together 60 paintings." -Jacqueline Trescott, The Washington Post

APRIL 14 - JULY 31
Kreeger Museum • 2401 Foxhall Road, NW • Washington, D.C. 20007 • Phone (202)337-3050

20901, 20902, 20903, 20904, 20906, 20910 Silver Spring Art

April 20 - June 22, 2007
Gateway's Heliport Gallery

In recognition of Silver Spring's burgeoning arts scene and Gateway's commitment to cultivating Silver Spring's fine arts community, Gateway's Heliport Gallery is proud to announce the opening of 20901, 20902, 20903, 20904, 20906, 20910 featuring over 20 Silver Spring artists. The show, curated by Nevin Kelly Gallery Deputy Director Julia Morelli and Gateway’s Project Manager David Fogel was predominantly curated through online submissions at The show highlights Silver Spring’s artistic diversity, featuring an array of artistic mediums from quilting to stone sculpture, mobiles, drawings, paintings, photography, assemblage and mixed-media prints.

Featured artists include but are not limited to: Kanchan Balse, John Brodkin, Laurie Breen, George Carr, Andrew Cronan, Mary D. Ott, Clara Graves, Sy Gresser, Steven Hanks, Brian Hewitt, Susan Holland, Yoshiko Jaeggi, Pauline Jakobsburg, Dana Jeri Maier, Jaclyn Martin, Julie Miller, Christine Montejo, Steven Robinson, Berta Stegmeier, Michael Winger.

Last night was the opening of the gallery exhibition of work by Silver Spring artists at the Heliport Gallery.
See Photo here.

Gateway's Heliport Gallery
8001 Kennett St, Suite 3, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Arts Agenda

Dcist weighs in on all the great arts eventsgoing on in DC here.

Networking, Tips For Artists

Read about the benefits of networking on Gallery Owner/Art Consultant, and Author of the Guidebook for Artists, “Living the Artist’s Life,” Paul Dorrell’s Blog
Read Blog Here.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Sondra Arkin Exhibition / Reception At Nevin Kelly Gallery

I went by the Nevin Kelly Gallery reception on the early side to see Sondra Arkin's exhibition, Color: Field Tests. There were lots of folks already at the reception when we arrived. Working in encaustic and mixed media assemblage, Sondra Arkin explores the role that combinations of color play in communicating a sense of energy, mood and depth. She painted several of the gallery's walls in colors and hung her work in similar size groupings. My favorite four paintings hung on complementary background colors on the west wall of the gallery. The encaustic surfaces with textured strokes show a subtle luminosity in minimalist compositions. These works successfully incorporate structure, vibrant colors, translucency, softness, and a complex energy.

Sondra Arkin will be holding an Artist Talk about her new work on Sunday, May 6, 2-4 pm at the Nevin Kelly Gallery.

Sondra Arkin, Lava Pool
(2007), 24 x 24, encaustic on dibond

Nevin Kelly Gallery
1517 U Street NW
Washington, DC 20009

Shelley Laffal

29th Anniversary Exhibition
Until April 29th

Zenith Gallery Presents Washington DC artist
Shelley Laffal

Sunday, April 22nd
Artists Talk: 2 – 3pm

A certain kind of magic happens when you're lost in your work. Invariably, I am amazed and illumined by it. To be honest, I have no "mission" as an artist. The goal is to do that thing that I'm compelled to do. My new series of oils are essentially portraits to which I give myself license to do mischief. -Shelly Laffal

Zenith Gallery
413 7th Street NW
Washington, DC


April 13 – May 20, 2007

2121 Crystal Drive
Crystal City, VA

Funded in part by the DC Commission on the Arts & Humanities, an agency supported in part by the National Endowment for the Arts.

ample free parking after 4pm & weekends - 2 blocks/Crystal City Metro

Fri/Sat: noon to 1 am, Sun, Tues & Wed: noon to 10 pm, Thurs: noon to 11 pm. Open every day but Monday

Eclectic, crazy, Artomatic 2007 will be open to the public. We suggest that you plan many visits to stave off the possible over-saturation of so much art at one time. Along with over 400 visual artists: there will be music, films, theater, and dance each of the 33 days. All free.
Wapo inside coverage by Jessica Gould on the merits of volunteerism at Artomatic here.

Please check the event calendar for all the details.

All visitors and volunteers who visit Artomatic during hours of operation will receive one hour free parking in the garages at 2121 Crystal Drive and in the garage directly across the Street from 2121 Crystal Drive. You must bring your parking ticket with you when you enter Artomatic at 2121 Crystal Drive and the Artomatic Hosts will stamp your ticket.

Bailey's Pub & Grille - 2010-A Crystal Drive - Bailey's will host "after party" events the following Saturday evenings when our bar closes at midnight. April 14, 21, 28 and May 5 and 12. There will be a "closing after party" on Sunday May 20th the last day of Artomatic 2007 in Crystal City. On these evenings we will distribute fliers with details on half price appetizers.

Two for Tuesdays!
Tuesday night panels and workshops will bring you a chance to talk with one of the leading cultural organizations in the area that provide resources for artists. The presentation will be followed up with a special offer with a local restaurant and those attending will get the special discount card when attending the resource workshops!

Wednesday Wine Tastings! Come on down for a wine tasting at the Emerald Bar every Wednesday night at 7pm. The presentation of the wines will be made by Dean and Deluca wine staff. You can follow it up with events including workshops, film programs, music, and poetry!

Thursday Night Tours and Pizza! Interested in getting an artist's eye view of Artomatic? Join us every Thursday evening! We'll have pizza available for a small donation, and after a little nosh you can head out on a tour led by one of the Artomatic participating artists! Interested in leading a Thursday night tour? Send an email .

Friday and Saturday Night Live! Check out the Artomatic event schedule Fridays and Saturdays are chock full of performers, from dance to theater, and from acoustic acts to rocking out on the Electric Stage. And don't forget the workshops and classes during the day on Saturdays and Sundays, and film programming every Friday and Saturday night!

MEET THE ARTISTS - May 4th! - Plan to come on Friday May 4 and meet the artists. We’ve asked every visual artist to attend this special evening where they will be by their space to discuss their work.

Calling All Artists! We are looking for a few good artists to show us your favorite work at Artomatic. Every Thursday will be artists' tours night, and you can lead a tour of your top picks. Show us the art you like the best! If you are interested in leading a tour one Thursday, email to get your tour on the schedule!

Filmfest DC Starts Today

April 19-29, 2007
The 21st edition of the Washington, DC International Film Festival will feature some of the best, new and exciting films in international cinema today. Films will encompass a global range of cultures, music, and politics from over 30 countries.

The 11-day event offers opportunities that make any festival exciting: Q&As with filmmakers after the screenings, seeing movies before they get their official big-screen release, taking kids to their own special programs and checking out something different. Who knows? You might discover a passion for, say, Hawaiian dancing ("Hula Girls") or short films from Australia. WaPo article here By Christina Talcott

Tickets for most screenings are $9 and can be purchased at or by calling 800-955-5566. For information, call 202-628-3456. The festival's complete lineup is online at

Edison and Lumière

Early Cinema, Fine Art and the Clash of Cultures, Special Lecture
Thursday, April 19, 2007, 6:30 p.m.

Co-sponsored by the American Film Institute's Silver Theatre

Who invented cinema? Charles Musser, will explore controversies surrounding American and French cinema that emerged in the 1890s, when the Lumière Cinématographe arrived in the United States and Edison's Vitascope made its debut. How did French and American motion picture art diverge? Were early movies an international phenomenon or a nationalistic one? The answers will help pinpoint ideological and cultural differences, and reveal dimensions of early cinema that still reverberate today. Dr. Musser is Professor of American Studies and film Studies, at Yale University.

Admission: $15, $10 for members. Friend and Patron + level members admitted free.
For more information and to register, contact (202)387-2151 x247

The Phillips Collection
1600 21st Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009


Beral Madra Opens Multimediale

Thursday, April 19, 2007, 7:00 PM
Location: Katzen Arts Center, Abramson Family Recital Hall, American University

MULTIMEDIALE is a four-day multimedia arts festival that brings together artists from the Washington, DC region centered around the theme: CAPTURING THE CAPITAL! MULTIMEDIALE seeks to energize the DC arts community with new ideas about art, society and politics. MULTIMEDIALE is organized by Randall Packer and curator Niels Van Tomme. All events are free and open to the public.

American University Katzen Arts Center
4400 Massachusetts Ave
Washington, DC

Provisions Library
1611 Connecticut Ave
Dupont Circle
Washington, DC

info @

Happiness Level

On Tuesday, April 17, 2007, artist and writer Patsy Terrell in Hutchinson, Kansas USA, chats with Eric Maisel about how people can use the Ten Zen Seconds technique to improve their general happiness level.

PT- I firmly believe that living in the moment, expecting joy, remaining thankful and realizing that everyday life - the little moments - are keys to happiness. As you know, how to increase our happiness level is something I study regularly. I had the opportunity to ask Dr. Maisel how "Ten Zen Seconds" could be used for the purpose of making us happier.
Read Blog here.

New Abstracts by Michele de la Menardiere

May 9 - June 20, 2007
RECEPTION: Wednesday, May 9, 2007, 6:30-8:30pm
(Wine and Cheese reception and music by the experimental jazz band MudPie.)

2142 Wyoming Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20008

This May through June, Alliance Francaise will be showcasing new work by local artist of French heritage, Michele de la Menardiere. Through luminous color, shape, and texture, Michele’s paintings explore the rich and varied complexities of the emotional landscape. By approaching the canvas with openness and curiosity, each piece the artist creates is an experi- ment in presentness —a type of in-the-moment, creative, and expressive meditation. Michele de la Menardiere is a professional artist based in Washington, DC. Her work has received notable acclaim and has been exhibited in numerous established galleries. She has been selected for various juried shows in galleries such as the Arlington Arts Center, Gallery West, Gallery 10, the Creative Partners Gallery, and the Touchstone Gallery. Her work was purchased by the DC Commission for the Arts and Humanities’ ArtBank and she was commissioned to create site-specific paintings for the Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. In addition, she was chosen to be part of the State Department’s prestigious Art in Embassies program showing work in two American embassies abroad from 2001-2007.

Michele is also an award-winning graphic designer who has received accolades for her work. Her designs were chosen for the Art Director’s Club of Washington, DC’s annual show and she has won over seven awards from the Washington Book Publishers, including two First Places for book cover design.

Come out to experience her vibrant, iridescent, and emotive work and meet the artist this May 9th. In conjunction with the opening there will be a wine and cheese reception and music by the local experimental jazz band, MudPie.


April 13 - June 9, 2007

Special ColorField.remix Reception: Sunday, April 29 from 2-5pm
Meet the Artists Talk (along with curator Harold Linton): Saturday, May 12 at 2pm

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center, in Silver Spring, MD, is presenting FIELDWORK: PLACING SPACE IN THE COLORFIELD REMIX, an exhibition of multimedia installations. As part of the citywide celebration of Color Field painting, Gillian Brown and Inga Frick have created two new works that play with the implications of Color Field painting for our experience of space. Tracing imaginary geometries, Gillian circumnavigates the evening horizon while Inga loops the Washington Beltway at rush hour. In an earlier collaborative piece, a trio of swimmers converge and merge in a Rorschach explosion within an immersive field of water. According to artist Brown the work is “inspired by what I have always found most compelling in Color Field paintings: a play between the boldly apparent and that which cannot be readily grasped. An important aspect of these works is to subtly draw our awareness to the limitations of our perceptions.” The exhibition is curated by Harold Linton, Chairman of the Department of Art and Visual Technology at George Mason University.

Pyramid Atlantic is featured with more than 30 Washington area museums, galleries, arts organizations and businesses participating in ColorField.remix, the largest celebration of painting ever held in the Washington area. The event honors the 1950s and 1960s Color Field visual art movement and the Washington Color School, which put Washington, DC, on the art world map. ColorField.remix includes exhibitions, public art projects, artists' talks, lectures, children's programs, and special events honoring Color Field and Washington Color School painters as well as contemporary artists influenced by those movements.

Pyramid Atlantic Art Center
8230 Georgia Ave.
Silver Spring, MD
For more information about the ColorField.remix project, go to

Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Tonight there was an interesting topic and panel discussion that gets into the minds of five collectors who are actively collecting emerging artists in the Washington, DC area, FRAMEWORK Panel #6 - Collecting the Work of Emerging Artists. Civilian Art Projects director, Jayme McLellan collaborated with Transformer's Executive Director Victoria Reis to present this excellent panel discussion. Moderated by art collector Philip Barlow with five esteemed area art collectors including James Alefantis, Monica Bussolati, Allison Cohen, Melvin L. Hardy, and Dr. Michael Pollack, the panel focused on how each participating panelist developed his or her current art collection and the importance of collecting emerging artists. Some areas covered tonight were Why do you buy art? What/who is an emerging artist? Is there a theme that influences your collecting? What or who influences you to collect art? Where do you find emerging art? What is the responsibility of the collector to the art or artist after they buy a work of art? A very lively Q&A followed the discussion and the whole panel was videotaped. I can only hope it will be screened at Civilian Art Projects new space in the future.

You can see the first exhibition at the new spacious gallery for Civilian Art Projects at 406 7th Street NW, 3rd floor, Washington, DC (Just two blocks from the Chinatown Metro station (Red, Green, Yellow lines).
March 9 - April 21, 2007
Jason Falchook, Contours & Detours
Jason Zimmerman, Natural Acts

Founded in 2006, Civilian Art Projects is Washington, DC's newest gallery gnawing at the edges of contemporary aesthetic discourse. Through a challenging exhibition series supporting promising, up-and-coming artists working in a broad range of media, and through exciting events of cultural and social significance held throughout the season, Civilian will generate new energy, ideas and momentum thereby contributing to culture and community.

Magic to Stir Men’s Blood / Tonight

National Capital Planning Commission
David Headon, Cultural Adviser to the National Capital Authority, Canberra, Australia

Magic to Stir Men’s Blood
Big Plans and Planners in Washington and Canberra

Wednesday, April 18, 6:00pm

David Headon, co-writer and editor of the Griffin Legacy, an award-winning planning blueprint for the city of Canberra in the 21st century and radio commentator on cultural and historical issues, will draw parallels in planning and development between Washington and Canberra, with particular emphasis on the big plans and planners in these capital cities

No Charge

National Capital Planning Commission
Market Square North Suite 500
North Lobby Elevator
401 9th Street, NW
Metro: Gallery Pl-Chinatown, 9th Street exit


Project 4 presents :
Blown glass by Ron Desmett

April 25 - May 6, 2007
Reception: Sunday, May 6, 4:30 - 7:00pm

This exhibition at Project 4 is being held concurrently with Ron Desmett's lecture at the Renwick Gallery of Art in Washington DC as part of the James Renwick Alliance's Distinguished Artist Series. Ron and his wife Kathleen Mulcahy will also be giving a glass blowing demonstration and workshop at DC Glassworks in Hyattsville, MD. Ron Desmett's opaque, black glass "Lidded Trunk Vessels" challenge common perceptions and applications of the material. The process consists of blowing glass into molds comprised of wetted tree trunks that must be pulled away while the glass is still molten. This spectacular achievement conquers the overhangs involved and masters the split-second timing required in the process. Each sculpture is formally unique but the series of work shares an interiority where beauty resides within the dark angular recesses of the forms.

Saturday, May 5, 10:00am - 3pm
At the DC Glassworks in Hyattsville, MD. Open to glass artists, collectors and art lovers.
REGISTRATION REQUIRED Download registration form here

Working with the assistance of his wife, glass artist Kathleen Mulcahy, Ron Desmett will recreate a blown glass vessel from a body of work entitled Crossings, one of which was acquired by the Renwick in 2003. The artists will also demonstrate (on a smaller scale) how the Lidded Trunk Vessels are created through blowing black glass into hollowed tree trunks.

Saturday, May 5th
Open to workshop attendees and Renwick Alliance members
Download registration form here

Renwick Gallery of Art
Sunday, May 6, 3:00pm

Ron Desmett will speak about the development of his work, including the shift from painting to glass. The lecture will include a slide presentation and short video about the Pittsburg Glass Center founded by Ron and Kathleen in 1991. FREE AND OPEN TO THE PUBLIC

Contact: Anne Surak, Director
Project 4
903 U Street NW Washington DC 20001 (intersection of 9th Street and U street NW).
202 232 4340

Hours: Wednesday - Friday 2:00 - 6:00 pm, Saturday noon - 6:00 pm and by appointment.

Metro Access: Project 4 is easily accessible by metro, located one block east of the green line U St/African-American Civil War Memorial/Cardozo metro station, 10th Street exit.