Sunday, April 22, 2007

Ten Zen Seconds Blog Tour Week End

Check out the rest of this week's Ten Zen Seconds blog tour and the topics that might interest you.

THURSDAY, APRIL 19, Deborah Robson
Fort Collins, Colorado

Deborah Robson is a writer, artist, and independent publisher. Her blog discusses knitting, writing, spinning, independent publishing, and similar quests.

Deb and Eric Maisel will be chatting about where the Ten Zen Seconds technique came from, how culture interferes with our ability to center, and how Eric makes personal use of the TZS method.

FRIDAY, APRIL 20, Pamela Yates
Footprints Fine Art Gallery & Working Studio Blog:
St. Paul. Minnesota

Pamela Yates is a figurative abstract painter and conceptual artist who provides individual creativity coaching to creative people at all levels. Her Creative Circle Cafe blog provides compassionate support, ideas, tools and stories for clients and other visitors who drop in to relax, noodle around and allow their creative dreams and goals to expand and breath.

Pamela and Eric Maisel will be looking at two areas: Ten Zen Second techniques for visual artists and writers and applying Ten Zen Second ideas for sufferers of PTSD and severe anxiety who want to lessen or eliminate their prescription medications. (This will be of special interest to the recovery audience.)

Blog: Quiet Little Life
Mystic, Connecticut

Kay Pere is a multi-dimensional performing songwriter, visual artist, writer, educator and activist whose work embodies a message of hope, healing, humor and humanity. When she isn't traveling to perform, present workshops or show her artwork, Kay lives a quiet little life in a Mystical corner of southern New England. In Kay’s Quiet Little Life blog, she explores the challenges of creating a meaningful artistic life while working to make a living from her efforts.

If you’ve chosen to make creativity an important part of your everyday life, perhaps even your source of livelihood, then you have experienced the challenges of making meaningful work while responding to the demands of the marketplace and a daily domestic routine. Kay and Eric Maisel will look at practical suggestions for using Ten Zen Seconds to address these challenges.

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