Friday, April 27, 2007


I've just Spent 3 hours touring artDC and WOW! What great stuff - ART that is! I've got to say that I love seeing all the European galleries from Paris and Spain, plus Canada and Vietnam to name a few countries (and there are many more exciting ones). Luis Burgos Gallery from Madrid is showing a large Triptych by Jose Luis Zumeta that'll knock your socks off at booth 322! My favorites in the show are some of our DC Galleries.

Guys and Gals, this is today's first favorite picks - Tomorrow, I'll see some things new. I can only travel at moving speed of 3 hours before I have to refuel for the day.

1.Brandon Morse at Conner Contemporary Booth #215. *****This is an awesome example of mystery and technology. Brandon combines sotware that tracks weather patterns with other tehnologies and comes up with the most sublime, mysterious and mesmerizing movements on a flat panel screen. You've gotta see this.

2. I saw Oliver Vernon's excellent one man show at Irvine Contemporary which is up until May 19. See if the work at artDC creates the same kind of space for you as it does for me -macro and microcosm. I love, love, love this artist's visualizations of interdependent organic and humanly constructed environments. His paintings capture both macro and micro views of worlds in convergence. Buy this hot artist in Washington, DC now at Booth #304.

3.Juliet Rose at The Steps Gallery, Ltd, Bristol. Juliet turns nuts and bolts into painted memories of the past, haunting images that reflect a magnetic energy with memories of her grandmothers writings and life in a not so pleasant world. These images look like magnetic fields holding everything together. Booth #401

4. Project 4 - I love their whole display of artists. Go straight to Booth #147, past Steve Gibson's naked men from Canada's Art Core Gallery.

5. Tim Tate of the Washington Glass School has a wonderful exhibition of glass with tiny video screens inside. Booth #C9

6. Hemphill has a divine 18 panel wall of William Christenberry that is fabulous! And a sculpture by Mary Early called Untitled Arch. Booth #519

7. I've rediscovered Osuna Art of Bethesda, MD at artDC. Robert Lennon is exhibiting a large display of Carol Brown Goldberg paintings. Ms. Goldberg is scheduled to give a talk at the Kreeger Musuem tomorrow from 2-3:30pm. Booth #400

8. Bruce Wilheim is featured with animated art at ADA Contemporary from Richmond, VA Booth #141

9. Jae Ko paper sculpture at Marsha Matekya Gallery and some small gems of hot glue and tinseled silver powder on black paper by
Athena Tacha Booth #433

10. Sundaram Tagore Gallery from NYC has lots of beautiful minimal and patterned paintings, especially liked a large one by Joan Vennum. Booth #325

Go have a look tomorrow and go buy these artists NOW! I've got to see the other half of the show!

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