Thursday, April 26, 2007

Gala Opening Night for artDC

I donned what I consider my semi-formal attire to attend tonight's reception for artDC at the DC Convention Center. The event was promoted as laying out the Red Carpet and you know, they did! It's a beautifully designed space, red carpet and all and the art is displayed very well. This show gets a thumbs up. The DC art scene made history tonight by staging this top notch event. artDC is large enough to keep you moving and riveted on art for hours. It's a joy to see the variety and the quality of art that is being exhibited. I got a quick glimpse of the sculpture selections, including translucent moving sculptures and a nude sculpture of three men in conversation (more details later). There's lots more to see. Come see for yourself what the buzz is all about. Tomorrow you get a free pass to get in. There's art from the US and abroad. Check out the list of exhibitors here. There's some great art to be bought, so don't miss out! Wear your comfortable shoes and come on out.

I took a few pictures of DC participants, and you can enjoy a few scenes from the evening. Try to guess who's who in their displays.

We have persons from Project 4 - look closely for director, Anne Surak. Jessica Lawrence and Kimberly Graham are from Hemphill Gallery. There's Felix Angel from IDB Cultural Center, Norman Parish and Kimberly Perkins from the Parish Gallery, Graciela Kartofel from Modern Contemporary Art of the Americas is down from New York. Martin Irvine of Irvine Contempory, Randall Scott Gallery and Victoria Reis at Transformer are enjoying the show. Andres Tremols of WPA/C & Tim Tate of The Glass School will be back for more tomorrow. (Let me know if I missed anyone) I'm in there too. Come meet eveyone. I'm heading out to see the rest of the show tomorrow and I hope you take this opportunity to come see and buy some great art!

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