Thursday, February 09, 2006

A new definititon of the Limbo

How low can our government go?

The Big Easy? Now It's Limbo Land
Slow-Moving Bureaucracy Leaves New Orleans Stuck in a Cycle of Waiting

"New Orleans is a Gordian knot of complications that has tied up just about everyone. Like most of her constituents, state Sen. Ann Duplessis lives in a holding pattern: "I am also a Limbo Lander," she said."

Read today's Washington Post Article here


  1. Dear Anne,

    I wanted to make sure you were aware that Stephen Fehr, the terrific editor of the Washington Post's Fairfax Extra, published a front page article on the Vietnamese victims of Katrina by WaPo reporter Jacqueline L. Salmon - you can read the article at


  2. Thanks's encouraging to see helping hands in this mess.