Sunday, November 04, 2007

Chuck Baxter: Found Objects

A visit today to the Mid City Artist's Open Studio of Chuck Baxter provided a detailed look at this unique artist's work. Chuck finds his art materials on the streets of his neighborhood and other neighborhoods in the city. He transforms discarded objects and materials that litter the streets into handmade objects of art. Some of my favorites are his cyclone-like vases made from printed papers that he staples together. Another work that attracted my attention resembled a purse exposing its contents. It is made from shredded bits of vinyl and other discarded objects. Baxter weaves functional baskets from the most common material, ordinary plastic bags. I am always surprised and delighted to see this artists keen sense of design and wit, combined to make some very intriguing works of art. To contact the artist and see Baxter's work go to I recommend buying a piece or two of his work at these affordable prices.

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