Monday, December 17, 2007

Iona Rozeal Brown and Jefferson Pinder

G Fine Art
New works by gallery artists.

December 17 – January 5, 2008

Iona rozeal brown will be showing two new pieces. “You opened my eyes man, thought I had a man, but how could I eye scan.” A print triptych based on a painting triptych of the same name from her show, Blending Lines. And a new painting, Midnight in the…Den of Good and Weavin’, (after Kuniyoshi’s ‘The Orphan Star Amid the Stars of Earth.)

Brown is the recent recipient of a Tiffany Grant and a Joan Mitchell Award.

Jefferson Pinder’s new work, Shoeshine Variation, 2007, both glorifies and archives a service that is quickly disappearing from our fast-paced culture. This diptych video provides a glimpse into the grace and beauty of the shoeshine, while delving into the symbolism wrapped up in the task. As master shine man Ego Brown builds the shine, Jermaine Washington, social provocateur, deconstructs. This narrative guides the viewer through the process of a shoeshine variation that drifts in and out of reality, asking the viewer to actually focus on the multiple interpretations of the act itself.

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