Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Almost Surely, Almost Everywhere at Hamiltonian Gallery

Hamiltonian Gallery and curator Rebecca Jones are pleased to present “Almost Surely, Almost Everywhere”, a group exhibition featuring works by Echo Eggebrecht, Ken Fandell, Billy Friebele and Hamiltonian Fellow Mike Dax Iacovone. The exhibition runs from August 8 until September 12, 2009, with an opening reception on Saturday, August 8, from 7 – 9 p.m.

Each of the artists in this exhibition investigates the experiential nature of humankind's existence within a world of immeasurable space, infinite possibilities and continual journeys. The terms “almost surely” and “almost everywhere” are encountered in probability theory where questions involving infinity are posed. Through the use of physical acts, mediated images and painterly expressions of the mysteries of intangible space and time in our physical world, this group of works presents attempts to approach the stability of “sureness”, the absolute encompassment of “everywhere” and the enigmatic results of these endeavors.

Hamiltonian Gallery
1353 U Street, NW (14th and U Streets)
Washington, DC 2009

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