Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Gallery, New Exhibition, and New Dialogues

After a year of renovation the Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery announces its grand re-opening exhibition, and launch program of The 9/11 Arts Project, entitled  VESSEL.

September 9 thru October 17, 2011 

Opening Reception & The 9/11 Arts Project Launch Event: 
Friday, September 9, 7-9pm

 VESSEL features works by Emily Biondo, Alonzo Davis, Jenny Freestone, Ani Kasten, Madeleine Keesing, Rachel Rotenburg, Angela White, and Millicent Young.

IMAGE: Vessel by Jenny Freestone, 2008.

Since 9/11, war, fear, and terrorism have become our cultural psyche, resurrecting the divisive use of "we" and the "other" in our communities. We realize that while "curing" the wounds of 9/11 is impossible, on this 10th anniversary of 9/11 our small hope is to use art to explore greater avenues for connection in our community and to catalyze a healing discourse. VESSEL combines abstract works to evoke a sacred space of "holding," where open dialogue around the trauma of 9/11 and personal traumas may be addressed. 

Why Smith Center for Healing and the Arts? Smith Center for Healing and the Arts has served individuals dealing with illness and cancer for over 15 years, and guided them on their healing journeys. The events of 9/11 hit our nation like a cancer diagnosis, forever changing our lives and threatening our daily sense of comfort and safety. In our post 9/11-world we find ourselves asking how we may find a way to live and heal in the midst of ongoing trauma and fear. We cannot give up, forget, or wait for it to be over, but perhaps we can find greater transformation by coming together in a safe place of "holding," to share our stories and experiences.

VESSEL's selected works are not a re-telling of 9/11, but rather express an effort to move beyond and communicate that 'healing is possible' for everyone and that the arts are a powerful tool in that journey, for personal and national traumas alike.

Featuring a dance performance by Nathaniel Bond, Anthony Gongora, Tzveta Kassabova, and Giselle Ruzany of Maida Withers Dance Construction Company, based on Collision Course with live music by Steve Hilmy.

Joan Hisaoka Healing Arts Gallery at Smith Center for Healing and the Arts
1632 U Street, NW
Washington, DC 20009
Regular Gallery Hours: W-F 11am-5pm, Sat 11am-3pm, and by appointment
To learn more please visit: www.smithcenter.org/gallery 

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