Friday, December 30, 2011

Esther Hidalgo, Chandi Kelley and Julie Wolsztynski

"Magnifying Memories...Isolating Ideas"
Jan 4-Feb 5, 2012

Opening Reception:
Saturday, Jan. 7, 6:30-8:30

Adah Rose Gallery is pleased to present the work of three young DC-based photographers in the show “Magnifying Memories...Isolating Ideas.” All three artists unite the power of film in the dark room with ideas that share a common poetry, sensuality and story-telling narrative.  

Esther Hidalgo’s series “Mutations” focuses on abstract depictions of the female body with striking use of light, color and shadow. The photographic mutations, at first uneasily deciphered, create beautiful and intriguing distortions of the body. Through traces of color and suggestion of skin, the works invite the viewer to contemplate ideas of ambiguity and tension in human relationships.

Chandi Kelley happened upon a diary belonging to her maternal grandfather that had not been opened since his death for over thirty years. She inherited it from her mother and chose not open or read it. The diary became the inspiration for a body of work, “More than Words.” She chose to photograph it and began to photograph other books as well, using objects to tell stories. These stories became possibilities of what the pages might say and using black and white photography, they allowed her to explore the endless combinations of letters and the mystery of words. 

Julie Wolsztynski’s “Rue Longchamp” is a suite of works depicting the beauty of the female figure with sensuality and poetry. Using natural light and the palette of the surrounding space, each figure is seamlessly integrated into the photograph. The body and the environment combine to create a unified landscape.

Adah Rose Gallery
3766 Howard Ave
Kensington, Maryland 20895
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