Friday, February 03, 2012

Hillyer Art Space February Exhibitions

February 3-24, 2012

First Friday Opening:
February 3, 2012, 6-9pm
Suggested $5 Donation

Elizabeth Holtry:Toile de Jouy Holtry's paintings depict animals that few people appreciate, such as hyenas, insects, and rats.  Often wondering why is it that people advocate equality between humans, yet so freely discriminate in our opinions of animals her work addresses our prejudicial attitudes toward these animals.  Holtry's inspiration also comes from an ongoing interest in the decorative arts and textiles.

David Myers: Confined:Visual SynonymsPhotography is a tool for Myers, that he uses to explore surroundings and better understand observations made along the way. Confined: Visual Synonyms, is an example of a portfolio of images materializing after working on a theme, unknowingly, for almost a year. The images are more than mere documentation; they have a clear sense of showing a perspective of what Myers saw in the camera's viewfinder.  The work is therefore documenting underlying and not yet, well-understood preconceptions of zoos and aquariums, and our interaction with the animals housed within their confines.

Brian Kirk: Natural Reaction Kirk is intrigued with the forces of nature. He considers himself a naturalist and a curious spectator of natural phenomena. The natural actions of wind, water, fire on the ever-changing earth hold a fascination for the artist. The cyclical forces play a role in his work; the ebb and flow of the tides, the changing stages of the moon, the emblazoned autumn leaves.

International Arts & Artists
 9 Hillyer Court NW
Washington, DC 20008 USA

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