Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Sculpture Garden at Zenith Gallery Salon

Zenith Gallery Salon
“Sculptures Spring Where Waters Part”

New in-ground sculpture garden designed from a former swimming pool.

OF THE CHAOS of a Creative Cauldron of Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, The Elements Have Separated and the Waters have (de)Parted and Left in the Wake, A Fusion … A Phoenix, a Paradisiacal Garden filled with Wonders ….....An Earth-Fire Metal-morphosis

“Pete’s on Fire” 
Fire Painting by Peter Kephart
New work & demo showing his incredibly unique art form

Meet the Artists Reception:  
Saturday May 19th 2:00 – 8:00pm

Peter Kephart Fire Painting Demonstration:  6:30 pm
At The Zenith Gallery Salon  1429 Iris St., NW Washington, DC 20012

Show Dates May 19- August 25, 2012

WASHINGTON, DC – The Zenith Gallery Salon has become a wonderland of art and imagination, and will open a fabulous new in-ground sculpture garden May 19th.  Created from 100% recycled materials, the garden resides in a space formerly occupied by a swimming pool. The new garden will feature sculpture and sculptured furniture by well-known Zenith Artists, as well as, artists exhibiting with Zenith for the first time. Stop by for the show, as Spring is the perfect time to wander through the newly designed sculpture garden. New works by Peter Kephart will adorn the Zenith Gallery Salon.    

Artists featured in the exhibition: David Hubbard, Peter Kephart, Vince Magni, Donna M. McCullough, Paul Martin Wolff, Craig Schaffer and others.

Introducing new to Zenith: 
Pattie Porter Firestone and Colin Selig.

Landscape Design by Richard Miller of New Dawn Gardens

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