Friday, February 07, 2014

Opening at Adah Rose Gallery


February 13- March 23, 2014. 
Opening Vernissage Feb 22 6:30-8:30 pm
Live Music by Bud Wilkinson

Adah Rose Gallery
Hours: Thursday - Sunday 12-6 and by appointment.
3766 Howard Ave
Kensington, MD 20895

Pat Goslee

Painting is a healing and holistic act for Pat Goslee; it allows her to internalize exterior pain and pleasure, processing both into compassion and works of art. In her newest series of works on canvas, Pat mines her subconscious and uses her intuition to convey inner realities. Pat’s ideas straddle the disciplines of science, metaphysics and philosophy. She works to create comforting spaces and vibrant energy in each of her works. She often utilizes patterns, including materials dripped in paint and applied directly to the canvas, to create systems that describe how we store information and knowledge. Pat’s paintings are a way of visualizing and transmitting vitality. In her paintings, one sees everything from a beating heart, secret worlds, inner beauty, machines and microscopic organisms. Her palettes are both beautiful and sensitive, serving as a perfect complement to her personal ideology. 

Pat is a DC-based painter who  received her BFA from the University of Georgia and her MFA from Catholic University. Pat has exhibited in many group and solo shows, most recently at Studio 1469, the National Institutes of Health, the DCAC, McLean Project for the Arts, Hillyer Art Space, Doris Mae Gallery, Addison Ripley Fine Art and the Washington Project for the Arts. Her work is in numerous private and public collections. Pat serves on the Artist Advisory Board at Hillyer Art Space and has curated numerous shows in the DC metropolitan area. 

Jessica Van Brakle

Cranes - silent yet strong, masculine yet delicate - dominate the contemplative landscapes of Jessica Van Brakle. An homage to her grandfather’s work in construction, the cranes build networks of intricate, expansive lines. In her newest paintings, Jessica’s landscapes have become  more abstract and decorative. On close examination we see the same botanic motifs mixing with new domestic elements. Nature seems to blossom out of the mechanical, resulting in a refined and harmonious whole. The paintings are like fine Wedgwood China; elegant, ornamental and graceful. While the paintings might appear symmetric, Jessica allows the paint to drip and flow, disrupting the apparent perfection. We see a new Rococo influence in her work in addition to her older influences of 19th Century Romantic Landscape painting and photography. 

Jessica Van Brakle is a Maryland-based painter with a studio at the Arlington Art Center. She received her BFA from the Corcoran College of Art & Design in Painting. Jessica is a former Hamiltonian fellow, a recipient of an Individual Artist Grant from the Maryland State Arts Council, and in 2008 was a finalist for the Trawick Prize. Her most recent exhibitions include shows at the Arlington Arts Center, McLean Project for the Arts, B√§ckerstrasse 4 in Vienna Austria, Hamiltonian Gallery, Countdown Temporary ArtSpace, in Bethesda, and Silber Gallery at Goucher College, as well as numerous group shows in the DC area.  

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