Thursday, May 01, 2014

"Contemplating the Sweetness of Grass and Startling Brevity of Life"

Studio 155: Roberta Bernstein, Elizabeth Carter, Wendy Cortesi, Jan Denton, Jill M. Hodgson, Betsy Kelly, Vicki Malone, Eileen Malone-Brown, Donald B. Meyer, Kappy Prosch, Michael Rawson, Eva-Maria Ruhl, Ellen Tuttle, Juliana Weihe, S.M. Wilson and Neena Birch

May 16-June 8, 2014

Opening Vernissage with the artists Sunday May 18, 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Live music by White Chihuahua

Adah Rose Gallery3766 Howard Ave
Kensington Md 20895

Hours Thursday-Sunday 12-6 pm

Bulrush, Burdock and Brier..Columbine, Coloquintida and Cowslip...Gillyver, Gorse and Gooseberry...plants have inspired Shakespeare, the ancient Greeks and Romans, poets, playwrights and novelists from Medieval through Modern times. Plants provide pleasure, comfort and beauty. They serve us medicinally, as life sustaining food and as material for shelter. They serve as aphrodisiacs, as fragrance for perfumes and as delectable treasures in cuisine. The smell of a gardenia, the subtlety of the rarest of truffles and the joy of digging and planting in the garden are among the great Proustian memories we share.

The artists of Studio 155 glorify and honor a love and reverence for plants. These accomplished artists work in a variety of medium including oil, acrylic, colored pencil and graphite. Their work is as diverse and lovely as the subject matter they depict. From the rarest of orchids, to the ubiquitous corn plants of the Nation’s heartland, from the glory of a towering Ponderosa tree to the intimacy of the tulip stamen..the artists lovingly and exquisitely create works of art together. Studio 155 has exhibited together at the Delaware Art Museum, the Corcoran Gallery of Art, VisArts in Rockville, the United States Botanic Garden, Studio Gallery and the Athenaeum in Alexandria, Va. Between them, they have illustrated books, received Presidential Commissions and are in numerous private collections.

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