Friday, November 07, 2014

Action on Gazette's Intention

I have just learned that The Gazette newspapers intend to terminate Dr. Claudia Rousseau's visual arts review column this coming Friday (Nov. 7). This is part of an apparent planned decimation of arts coverage in general by the Gazette newspapers (owned by the Washington Post).
We cannot just stand by and meekly allow this to happen. It is time for supporters of the visual arts to react by calling The Gazette, emailing them, writing them an old-fashioned letter, etc.
I suggest that you contact Will Franklin at and send him an email on the subject.

Lenny is correct! We, the arts community, cannot stand around and meekly allow this to happen. For those of you who care about the arts coverage, it's time for action in the form of phone calls, emails or letters to voice your concerns. We need a lot of your voices heard! Take action! Contact Will Franklin at and send him an email on the subject.

Here's a copy of the email that I sent to Mr. Franklin tonight.

Dear Mr. Franklin, 

I am disappointed to hear that The Gazette intends to eliminate the arts review column by Dr. Claudia Rousseau. The coverage of the visual arts is a critical part of news media. I am a reader of the Gazette because of Dr. Rousseau's columns on the visual arts. Without the cultural component of visual arts in The Gazette, you do a disservice to your community of readers. I ask that you reinstate Dr. Rousseau's column and commit to the cultural literacy of our community.

Even with economic pressure, there are ways that The Gazette can bring fresh visual arts news to its readers via its online format. The community needs more arts coverage, not less. I reiterate to reinstate Claudia Rousseau's visual arts column. 

These are the times that a newspaper like yours can be a leader in presenting creative thought and ideas. Claudia Rousseau's column adds insight and critical thought to the region's art scene. With an established reputation as an art critic, Ms. Rousseau has brought her vast knowledge of the visual arts to your readership for the past 11 years.

I firmly ask that you address The Gazette's commitment to the visual arts and to be a contributor to your readership by fulfilling your mission to deliver high quality news. 

Warm regards,

Anne Marchand

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