Monday, April 30, 2018

Zenith's 40th Anniversary Exhibition Opens May 23

Zenith Comes of Age: 24 years at 413 7th St, NW 
Show Dates: May 1st – August 25th, 2018 

Opening Reception to Meet the Artists: Wednesday May 23rd 5pm-8pm 
At 1111 Pennsylvania Ave NW, Washington DC 20004 

Suzanne Codi, Julie Girardini, Anne Marchand, Donna McCullough, 
Bradley Stevens, Paul Martin Wolff, and Joyce Zipperer 

Zenith Gallery Celebrates it's 40th Year in Washington, DC
40 years in any business is a long time, 40 years in the Art Gallery Business is a lifetime. To celebrate forty years of Zenith Gallery, three different exhibitions will be hosted at 1111 Pennsylvania Sculpture Space that will represent the different locations and eras of Zenith Gallery. 

7th Street represented Zenith Gallery’s coming of age. After nine years of living and working together at 15th St. and Rhode Island Avenue Northwest, the Gallery moved to the new arts corridor in Washington, Penn Quarter. There they spent 24 years participating and promoting Penn Quarter as the new downtown. It was a very exciting time to be in Penn Quarter. In some respects, this was the hay day of 7th Street, when there were galleries, theaters companies, the Shakespeare theaters, the MCI Center and, now The Capital One Center was built. Additionally, dozens of offices came into the area and new restaurants. The rent was reasonable enough at that time. When the gallery left in 2009, all of that seems to have changed. No more art galleries, neither for profit or non-profit; Museums, restaurants, theaters, and offices remained. Galleries were priced out of the market, to be replaced mostly by restaurants of which many have gone and been replaced by others. 

Rows of store fronts on the street made 7th St. corridor stimulating and exciting. Visitors came from all over the world to visit Zenith Gallery. The artist roster expanded and Zenith became known as a fixture of downtown DC, helping make Penn Quarter a lively destination. 


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