Monday, November 16, 2020

The Latela Curatorial x Artsy: Women in the Arts Online Exhibition Room 6 is OPEN!


Invest in Women in the Arts!
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The Latela Curatorial x Artsy: Women in the Arts Online Exhibition Room 6 is OPEN!

So much of creating art is related to surrender, which we highlight to remind ourselves that surrender is an act; a specific decision. Artwork in the last viewing room is about inner strength and trust, nonverbal communication, feeling and faith. When artists are rooted in deep purpose, what more is there to be depicted, studied or said about their practice? There is only to feel.

“8% of art galleries represent more women than men.” – National Museum of Women in the Arts

Do women make better subjects of art rather than as…
vessels of energy
vehicles of movement
containers of observations
nourishers of essence?

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>> Monday 11/16 - Instagram Takeover featuring Chris Brandell

>> Tuesday 11/17 - Instagram Takeover featuring Juliana Vallejo

>> Tuesday 11/17 @5pm EST - Zoom Panel Discussion: Art Uplifts the Spirit

Moderated by Marta Staudinger, Latela Curatorial Director ~ featuring Aliana Grace Bailey, Barbara Januszkidwicz, Christine Olmstead & Heather Lynn 

>> Wednesday 11/18 - Instagram Takeover featuring Anne Marchand

>> Thursday 11/19 - Instagram Takeover featuring Summer Blake

>> Thursday 11/19 @5pm EST - Zoom Panel Discussion: The Psyche, Intuitive Practice & Cosmic Phenomena

Moderated by Allison Nance, Arts Director at Culture House DC ~ featuring Janet Wittenberg, Marlowe Emerson, Nora Maccoby & Projected Reflections (Kathy A Williams)

>> Saturday 11/21 - Instagram Takeover featuring Taylor Andrews

>> Sunday 11/22 @3pm EST - Zoom Panel Discussion: Surrendering to the Creative Process

Moderated by Zoë Charlton, Fine Artist, Co-Director/Curator of 'sindikit and Associate Professor Department of Art at American University ~ featuring Annie Broderick & Marta Staudinger 

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The Latela Curatorial x Artsy: Women in the Arts Online Exhibition is a 6-week virtual exhibition featuring 102 women artists working across multiple media from DC, MD & VA. Artworks are exhibited by themes or "viewing rooms" and accompanied by six full weeks of online programming, including artist talks, studio visits and more!

Purchasing art made by women artists supports the gap in pay, auction market, press and exhibition representation of women in the arts.  Additionally, when you purchase artwork from this fair, you also support Latela Curatorial's mission to make space for women in arts management. Statistics on the underrepresentation of women in the arts below. 



1. Materiality - In the Flesh; Women who Work with their Hands & Across Various Materials

2. Artist as Mother - Artist Mothers; The Creative Cycle & Ancestral Roles in Making Art

3. The Idea - Abstract to Surrealism Art

4. The Vision - Seeing & Being Seen 

5. Action & Existence; Activism Art & the Value of Collections/Collecting

6. The Surrender - Trust & Process 


**To keep this online exhibition interactive, all featured artwork will populate weekly on the Latela Curatorial Artsy Exhibitions Page by theme. The only opportunity to view all artwork featured at once (without waiting until week 6) is through the Collectors Package. See more below under “Become a VIP Collector”. 


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Your engagement matters.


Washington DC, Maryland & Virginia are home to some of the most important museums in the world, however the emerging and mid-career art scenes across this area do not receive the same press, art fair representation or sales as competitive art meccas such as NYC, Miami or LA. Financially supporting this art scene communicates an investment to living artists and current culture; a commitment that is just as important as - if not more important than - appreciating museums and institutions. Purchasing artwork by women artists - especially those working so close in and around the Nation's Capital during this political time - is an investment in the future of #womeninthearts. 

A percentage of proceeds from artworks sold during this exhibition will benefit the GLB Memorial Fund for the Arts, which provides financial support to women artists and curators who reside in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia to further advance women-led contemporary art initiatives.


Alexandra Arata • Alexandra N Sherman • Aliana Grace Bailey • Amber Eve Anderson • Amy Hughes Braden • ANDiLAND • Anna U Davis •  Anne Hanger • Anne Marchand • Annie Broderick • Ashley Joi • Ashley Sauder Miller • Ashley Williams • Barbara Januszkidwicz • Behnaz Babazadeh • Blythe King • Brie Hayden • Camila Franco Ribeiro Gomide • Carina Tenaglia • CASIMIRA • Ceci Cole McInturff • Chris Brandell • Christina Flowers • Christine Olmstead • Clare Winslow • Dany Green • Elaine Jeffrey • Emon Surakitkoson • Erin Fostel • Erin Pedati • Eve White • Heather Jones • Heather Lynn Arts • Helen Diana Criales • Hiba Alyawer • J’Nell Jordan • Jackie Milad • Janet Tran • Janet Wittenberg • Jean Weicher • Jenny Freestone • Jessi Binder • Jordann Wine • Julia Clouser • Juliana Vallejo • Julie Bjarnhoff • Kate Fitzpatrick • Katie Pumphrey • Kay Fuller •  Kelly Walker • Kim Rice • Kimchi Juice (Julia Chon) • Kristin Adair • Kristin Gaudio Endsley • Kristina King • Kristyn Lee • Laila Abdul Hadi Jadallah • Lex Marie • Lina Alattar • Madelaine Sieracki • Madeline A. Stratton • Madison Bolls • Mahsa R Fard • Marissa Long • Marlowe Emerson • Marta Staudinger • Martina Sestakova • Maryam Rassapour • Meg Biram • Megan Maher • Mehves Lelic • Melissa Preston Jessell • Michelle Lisa Herman • Mina M. Jafari • Miriam Awad Murray • Nicole Ida Fossi • Nikia Kigler • Nina Q. Allen • Noel Kassewitz • Noir (Selena Jackson) • Nora Maccoby • Nune Vartanyan • P D Klein • Phaan Howng • Projected Reflections (Kathy A. Williams) • Rex Delafkaran • Rosa Ines Vera • Sara Dittrich • Sarah J. Hull • Sarah Jamison • Sarah Renzi Sanders • Sobia Ahmad • Stephanie Barber • Shyama R. Kuver • Stephanie Mercedes • StrangeLens • Sue Wrbican • Summer Blake • Susan Hostetler • Taylor Andrews • Tiffany de Lisio • Trap Bob

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Latela Curatorial is a full service art advisory firm and curatorial office based in Washington, D.C., specializing in mid-emerging women artists. LC provides contract curatorial services for a variety of organizations. Passionate about supporting the arts ecosystem in the nation's capital, LC excels in working with art collectors as well as architects/developers in an ever-gentrifying area and under represented art market to augment the area's artistic talents. 

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