Sunday, January 28, 2007

Someone On Your Team

An article on life coaching appears in Marin Magazine this month with a feature on Eric Maisel, Author and Creativity Coach based in San Francisco. About his mug shot Eric claims, "It is interesting to me although I twinkle and smile in real life, you can't get me to twinkle and smile for official photos. In real life I do not look this severe! No doubt I've decided somewhere inside that on such occasions I must appear serious." I've spoken with Eric Maisel on several occassions and he does indeed twinkle in both conversation and in his writings.

Read the article: here

Eric Maisel offers training in Creativity Coaching. He is putting out a call for "free clients". During the introductory training, coaches work with clients via email for free for the duration of the 16-week training. If you would like to
embark on some creativity coaching, let him know. Here is the information on that:

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