Sunday, March 04, 2007

Crossover: How Artists Build Careers Across Commercial, Nonprofit and Community Work

Interesting report out of the University of Minnesota's Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs. The report by Ann Markusen tracks the rampant sector-hopping that constitutes the lives of most working artists.

Says the report:
"Surprisingly large percentages of artists split their arts time among the three sectors. Overall, 39% spend most of their arts time (65% or more) in the commercial sector. Another 19% do no commercial work, and 42% engage part-time in commercial artwork. Smaller shares of artists spend most of their arts time in not-for-profit (public and nonprofit) sector work (29%), and 55% report working part-time in that sector. Only 6% devote most of their art time to the community sector, but 69% work in community arts at least some number of hours." - Andrew Taylor Read more here.

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