Tuesday, March 20, 2007


On Saturday March 24th, Project 4 invites all to participate in a work-in-progess. Reuben Breslar will be hosting an event that provides the unique opportunity to sit, draw, and talk with strangers and friends.

This "happening", as Breslar calls it, is "centered around the individual while upholding community awareness." Occurring concurrently with the "Specimen" exhibition, this happening will turn guests into specimens themselves, observers of the phenomenon, and those who interchange between. All this is done with the intention of bringing people together for an arts event centered around the most fundamental building block of art: drawing.

Drinks, colored pencils, and paper will be provided but feel free to bring your' own drawing materials and sketchbook.

Project 4 
903 U Street NW  Washington DC 20001
tel: 202 232 4340  fax: 202 232 4341  

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