Monday, March 31, 2008

Prince George's County gets Art and more....

Thought you'd heard it all? Read about the new National Harbor opening this side of the Potomac in Prince George's County, a short drive from downtown DC. - ART, retail, dining, glitz! Washington Glass School and Art Whino are a few galleries that will be opening spaces there. Artworks that are installed in National Harbor include sculptures by Albert Paley, who made "Portal Gates" for the Renwick Gallery in 1974 and J. Seward Johnson Jr.'s giant, the Awakening which was moved from Hain's Point to the promenade at National Harbor.

The Captain in the Harbor
Milt Peterson's Vision Anchors a Massive Development

By Paul Richard, The Washington Post

"National Harbor's scale is that of a city's. Its cost is in the billions. Already, you can't miss it. It's as if a small Dubai had suddenly appeared in sight of the Capitol dome."

"At National Harbor art wasn't an afterthought. We had art before we had buildings." "The mainstay of this whole project is art." says Milt Peterson.

Putting On the Glitz
In National Harbor Hotel, Pr. George's Gets Long-Sought Upscale Development.

By Avis Thomas-Lester, The Washington Post

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