Sunday, September 28, 2008

Artist Coalition for Dupont Underground

Heather Goss has an article about,
a group of arts organizations pushing to convert the unused space underneath Dupont Circle into an exhibition space for experimental artists and curators to hold shows they may not otherwise find space for, for "mid-size" traveling exhibitions that can't find a home in a big museum, as well as a variety of other creative endeavors: fashion shows, video screenings, architectural events, and more.. Warehouse's Paul Ruppert, along with Adam Griffiths from the Washington Project for the Arts, and Julian Hunt, an architect with Hunt Laudi Studio, have formed an "ad hoc committee" as part of the new Artist Coalition for Dupont Underground.

ACDU's mission is to fill a hole they feel is missing for art spaces in the city.

"It's a central location and a large space that fits a lot of converging interests," Hunt explains.

Read the article HERE

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