Thursday, September 18, 2008

A New Mural in Crystal City, VA

Prism Mural by Washington, DC based artist, Anne Marchand

Work in progress.

Hello DC,

Yours truly is on a mural project across the river in Crystal City, VA. I'll be working on the project for several weeks and then I'll come to see you again. The mural is called Prism and it's a color poem, full of light. You can take a peek at what I'm doing by visiting the blog, On The Wall, When you're ready in two weeks, come on over and take a look at it. You can hop the metro and be right there. It's at the Route 1 Overpass along 18th Street just outside the Crystal City Metro Stop. See you there!

Anne Marchand

Crystal City, VA - September 2008

The Crystal City Business Improvement District commissioned Washington-based artist Anne Marchand to add a colorful mural to the Route 1 Overpass along 18th Street. The piece, titled Prism, will welcome pedestrians and cars entering and exiting the Crystal City Neighborhood along 18th Street. The mural will be painted on thirty five concrete panels sized 4 feet x 9 feet spanning the length of the 160 foot wall. The design phase of the project began in July and the fabrication is taking place in September 2008. The mural will be created in vibrant hues that reflect a theme of light and color.

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