Friday, October 10, 2008


Today the Crystal City Business Improvement District unveiled their latest creative endeavor, Art Walls at the Hyatt Regency in Crystal City, VA. As Crystal City's curator, the BID employs light, art, and design to transform the way people see, perceive and experience the area. The new program infuses color and character into the textures and surfaces of Crystal City to brighten and energize Crystal City's gateways and gathering places. The Art Walls collection includes three projects: Radiance, Prism and Ellipsis.

Embraced by Crystal City commercial property owners, the first corporate Art Wall is a partnership involving Gould Property Company, the Airport Hyatt and Concord Residences. Paintings from Anne Marchand's Ellipsis Series were selected for the first Crystal City Art Wall. Twelve of the artists most colorful abstracts are enlarged and direct UV printed onto ten-foot square Dibond panels then mounted onto the back wall of the Hyatt Regency Hotel. Clearly visible from the Concord Residencies and streetscape, the vibrant work adds flavor and spirit to the area.

Slideshow of the art installation.

Crystal City is a canvas, where Crystal City Business Improvement District acts as a curator - matching spaces with artists. The BID aims to infuse walls with color and character while highlighting area assets as well as the talents of local artists. This Art Wall from left to right starting at the top consists of the following Marchand works courtesy of Zenith Gallery, Washington, DC:

Axis ©2007
Portal ©2006
Around ©2007
Recollection ©2006
Consonance ©2007
Evening Star ©2005
Kindled Flame ©2006
Luminous Motion©2006
Arcs Revelation©2005
Space Between ©2005
Cushion of Ancient Secrets ©2007
Red Spiral ©2005

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