Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Golden Paints New Artists Products

Golden Artist Colors, OPEN Acrylics
While this product is an acrylic paint, it really feels like no other paint. The distinctive performance features of OPEN Acrylics are built into the product. Without the need to modify their paints with an extensive array of retarders, mediums and additives, or to race to finish their work before the paint dries, artists are brought closer to their work. If an artist does desire to modify opacity or speed up drying time, OPEN Acrylics are designed to be a seamless extension of the existing GOLDEN line of acrylics and mediums and may be blended with them to achieve the desired result. In addition, the OPEN line is supported by just two mediums and one additive, which are designed to be very intuitive for the artist to grasp.

Mix More Media™
These products literally free digital images from the confines of prepared, commercial print media. The virtual brushstrokes of programs such as Photoshop® can finally take on weight and enter the rich material world of acrylic gels, mediums and colors.

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Transcending and Expanding the Boundaries of Acrylic Paint, GOLDEN OPEN Acrylics Put New Control Into Artists’ Hands

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