Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year / Enjoy your Big Plate

Grande Assiette, Available in Gicleé Edition of 26, 18" x24" Anne Marchand

Speaking of food, I was paired with Vegetate Restaurant for the ZCAF Food Calendar 2009. This gicleé image is published as the March page for the 2009 calendar. The image sums up my year in 2008. My sister modeled for the figure in the plate or fishbowl, however you see it. The fish remind me of youthful adventures near the Gulf Coast waters, and my dad's love of tropical fish or any fish for that matter, even those pesky sharks! There's even a big fish tale in our family, where dad caught a shark with his bare hands! but that's another story. This dreamy image, Grande Assiette, reminds me that life can be fluid, magical, transformative. My big plate is filled with observation as well as wonder and delight. I hope what's on your plate is too.

Anne Marchand
"Grand Assiette" (In French, the words grande assiette translate literally into "large plate")
gicleé on paper, edition of 26
18" x 24" unframed
24" x 30" framed

Available at Zenith Gallery
413 7th Street NW
Washington, DC

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