Monday, February 09, 2009


60 pieces of artwork
60 local area artists
1 gallery member + 1 artist friend
Opening Reception: Friday, February 13, 2009 6 - 8:30 pm

Touchstone Gallery will host its second "Double Vision II" exhibition in February and March 2009. For the show, each of the thirty member artists will exhibit one artwork along with an artwork by an invited guest artist. This creative approach to an exhibition offers an exciting opportunity to showcase a variety of unique artworks from local artists. This is a show to be seen and enjoyed.

Artists participating: Steve Alderton and Tim Johnson, Betsy Forster and Dot Svendson, Charles St. Charles and Walter Smalling, Marcia Coppel and IURRO, Michele Cormier and Marc Dubois, Tory Cowles and Carolyn Johnson, Mari DeMaris and Kevin Mellema, Leslie A. Johnston and Christine Elias, Peter Karp and Paula Wachsstock, Harvey Kupferberg and Ulrich Stein, Mike Lang and Jack Eisenberg, Paula Lantz and Roberta Glick, Lauren Shea Little and Rachel Danish Kistner, Emery J. Lewis and Tom Harris, Teresa Roberts Logan and Mark Lunning, Rosemary Luckett and Jeanne Garant, Newton More and Loren Rosenstein, Nancy Novick and Jane Trainor, Mary D. Ott and Anne Marchand, Michelle Rogers and Jackie Hoysted, Janathel Shaw and Winston Harris, Mary Trent-Scott and Marguerite Thayer, Rima Schulkind and Roberta Morgan, Dina Volkova and Ksenia Grishkova, Janet Wheeler and Helen Corning, Cynthia Young and Carol Lopatin.

Touchstone Gallery
406 7th Street NW 2nd Floor
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 202.347.2787

Phone 202.347.2787
Wed-Fri 11.00-5.00 • Sat-Sun 12.00-5.00
For more information please contact: Ksenia Grishkova

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