Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Paul Klein advises Art Collectors

Your Art, Antiques and Collectibles After the Financial Fall
The Problem

You may very well be reeling from the effects of the financial turmoil the world is experiencing. As a collector with "silent" assets of art, antiques and/or collectibles (such as wine, coins, gems, cars, etc.) now is a opportune moment to consider maximizing the present and future course of your heartfelt collection.

Quite likely you have not focused on your art assets with your legal and financial advisors for myriad reasons; the primary being that when you began a serious dialog with your advisory team the planning process overlooked your highly valuable collection. These assets were probably lumped in the category of "other," at a great loss to you. This non-planning, or mistake planning, eliminated the opportunity for you to maximize these assets of passion.

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Paul Klein- Art Letter

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