Friday, September 18, 2009


Raymond Uhlir, I am Not Your Father

September 19 - October 24, 2009
Opening Saturday, September 19, 6:00 - 9:00pm

Project 4 presents, “Relatively Epic” by Raymond Uhlir. The artist’s first solo exhibition at Project 4 reveals a winding narrative not only within the paintings themselves, but throughout the entire gallery space as the viewer moves from one piece to the next. The clean crafted, meticulous paintings reminiscent of cartoon cells reflect on human interaction and drama as they set the stage for Uhlir’s epic.

Uhlir’s work is driven by the persisting conflicts among ideologies and mythologies and between rationality and religion in Western civilization. By combining influences from pop culture, art history and religious imagery, Uhlir creates allegories, which confront these conflicts and present them in startling and fantastical scenes.

Project 4
1353 U Street NW, 3rd floor
Washington, DC 20009
202 232 4340

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