Thursday, December 10, 2009

Laurel Lukaszewski at Project 4

November 6 - December 18, 2009

If you haven't been over to Project 4, you are in for a real treat. Stop by and see the work of Laurel Lukaszewski. Laurel is a founding member of Flux Studios, in Mt. Rainier, MD. Laurel Lukaszewski creates installations and sculptures primarily from clay—usually porcelain or stoneware. Most of Laurel's works are composed of extruded forms resembling three-dimensional line drawings or calligraphic brushstrokes.

There's no denying when you walk into Project 4 that the artists work is captivating and inspired. A realm of porcelain transforms the space into a statement that bridges poetry, nature and the transient nature of existence, a must see during the final week. The exhibition pairs beautifully with the well designed space in midtown DC.

While the artist is clearly inspired by specific forms from the natural world, her poetic installations come to evoke a more abstract sense of the transient beauty present in all of our experience, physical and emotional.  Lukaszewski explains that the phrase "icho-go ichi-e", which derives from the Japanese tea ceremony, corresponds to the work in this exhibition serving "both as an encouragement to seize the day and as a memorial for what has been lost."  
Project 4
1353 U St NW # 302
Washington, DC 20009-4444
(202) 232-4340

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