Sunday, December 20, 2009

Poetic Voices 2.0

Poetic Voices 2.0, a series of YouTube videos that explores African-American heritage, created by the Phillips and the American Poetry Museum.  Poetic Voices invites poets to read and respond to Countee Cullen’s 1925 poem “Heritage.”  The YouTube channel features curator and writer Hari Jones performing “Heritage” and his poetic response, “Do You Remember Timbuktu?”  There is also a video of poet, artist, and teacher Sami Mirandi reading his original poem, “When They Ask.”

The museum is inviting members of public to upload a video of their original poems, expressing what heritage means to them.  Videos added before Dec. 21, 2009 are added to a publicly-decided contest, with an art-themed prize pack.  More details about the contest can be found on pdf here.

These videos were created in conjunction with the Man Ray exhibition at the Phillips Collection.

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