Friday, February 05, 2010

Call for Entries / Creative Bicycle Rack Design

Deadline: Thursday, March 4th at 5:00 p.m.
Honorarium:  $1,500

The Golden Triangle Business Improvement District is requesting drawn design entries for creative and unique bicycle racks.  The racks will be installed within the Golden Triangle Business Improvement District in Washington, DC.

The call is open to the entire art community including visual artists, architects, graphic designers, urban designers and bicycling enthusiasts.

The winning entries will receive a $1500 honorarium plus a complimentary Saturday night stay for two at the historic Hay Adams Hotel, 800 16th St NW, in the Golden Triangle.

The Golden Triangle encompasses 43 blocks of Washington, DC’s central business district bounded approximately by Pennsylvania Ave, New Hampshire Ave, Massachusetts Ave and 16th Street NW. The Golden Triangle is a bustling cosmopolitan commercial area with 75,000 professionals and over 800 retailers and restaurants. The Golden Triangle BID works to keep the area an exceptional place that is clean and friendly, inviting and accessible.

Public art is a key component to creating unique, memorable and attractive public spaces within the Golden Triangle. The Golden Triangle is committed to developing public art projects as part of its goal of continually improving DC’s central business district. For more information visit

The Call for Entries, with more detailed design guidelines, is available for download.

Call for Entries Issued January 27, 2010
Call for Entries Due                March 4, 2010, 5 p.m.
Review of Entries                    March 2010
Designs Selected                    April 2010 Fabrication and Installation      Summer 2010
Submit design entries by March 4, 2010 at 5 p.m. to
Golden Triangle Business Improvement District (attn: David Suls)
1120 Connecticut Avenue NW, Suite 260, Washington, DC 20036
Email to dsuls at

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